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Wait...this shit is busted. You can create what base mesh you want from a drawing in like 30 sec and then just add details in zbrush or blender and you are good to go.
Looks retarded and pointless, imo.
just use fucking zSpheres man comeon..
it's not hard.
This reminds me of a game I played on Gamecube, Amazing Island. Where you draw shapes that become 3D and make an ugly ass monster out of it.
Profags will hate. As usual when something is so easy anyone can do it. Ignore them, use whatever works for you.:)
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Tried it out. But think about it - this is basically the same thing as drawing a flat shape with a pen tool and then applying an extrusion to it. Unless there is more to this that I didn't figure out yet.
I wish they'd stop pretending.
we all know that this gets only used for making crude penises in the breaks.
It's for curious interlopers who want to try out 3D without having to shell out for a professional software. The interface is so visual and simple that the learning curve is nonexistent compared to free entries.

I think it's cool. We've had MS Paint for years for people looking to fuck around in 2D using a simple toolset. Now we have this thing for 3D.

zBrush doesn't have a quad draw tool, you're meant to do extrusion-based operations using masks, which is inherently more complicated and made even tougher by zBrush's interface. For what it does, this thing is significantly easier to use as a whole and doesn't require any sculpting skills.

This isn't meant to be a competitor or even a complement to any big software out there. It's on the level of something like MagicalVoxel, fun to play around with and much more intuitive to learn the basics on.
i think the part you didnt figure out yet that is that its not intended to be some pro tool, but a natural evolution of the old 2d paint we have always just had on the computers. Now people with literaly zero modeling experience can quickly take any drawing and make a rough 3d model with an easy to use UI
Great for kids

fuck you for making me sound like a shill when i havent even tried it yet
I've tried it
It's like MS Paint but 3D and not as fun or easy to use

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