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Hello guys. I was wondering where I can find tutorials or information about creating this sort of "modular" models for video games. You know, the ones where you can swap pieces of equipment and it changes the creature's model. I know that, for example, in many games like in WoW it's not a gloves mesh that gets put over the hand mesh but it's the gloves completely replacing the hand, and I would like some tips or info on how to achieving that, how to model the stuff properly and how to rig it and animate it so the "modules" don't break.

I've checked the tutorials on the sticky and I found a bit of info on Polycount but I'm afraid it isn't enough. Is there any sort of reading material, tutorial or courses I can check on this matter?

good luck.
Shortest explanation possible: it's a bunch of different models (or texture swaps, depending on what you need) bound to the same skeleton via the engine.

Methods for doing it and methods for setting it up vary. In terms of making the different bits, you can probably get away with modeling stuff over a rigged base mesh + rigging it to the basemesh skeleton. Implementing it is a bit harder. Easiest way to set it up is probably to cut the model into bits, swapping parts out entirely and trying to hide seams best as possible. The lazy way would be to just sit models on top of the base mesh, but it's pretty obvious what problems that could potentially cause.

WoW, afaik, only does texture swaps on parts that would create obvious seams, hence why stuff like helmets, pauldrons, capes, gloves and boots are the only ones that replace or cover parts of the model.
Also: You should probably google how to implement it with whatever engine you're using. Odds are people have worked out multiple ways to implement this in most popular engines.

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