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I'm having a hell of a time trying to concentrate and stay focused on homework and tutorials.

Like full blown ADHD. I can only stay focused for maybe 5 minutes on a tutorial.

Anyone have any tips or advice?
adhd meds
I'm honestly trying to do it without meds.
This doesn't include actual mental problems, but in my opinion, if you have a strong interest in something, you'll easily stay focused for hours upon hours. It's very easy to spend a full day learning when you have a goal for your personal project that you want to achieve. That's all there is to it IMO. If you still struggle and prioritize other things, maybe you don't enjoy it as much as you think.
If you don’t enjoy staring at numbers, rollouts, sliders, nodes and graphs for hours on end as you tweak them to perfection, 3D might not be for you. There’s literally nothing in the 3D sphere that I can think of that you could get a pass on with just a few minutes of work; you need patience, autism and an ass of steel.
Try this:
It's not that I don't enjoy 3D but sometimes I get so overwhelmed by how much I still need to know and how time is not on my side. And then I play video games or browse this place instead, out of fear and familiarity for buckling down.
I think a big part of it is fear of being left behind. I already don't have that many people in my life. But I know by committing to 3D, I'm throwing away a social life and any time outside of learning it. At least with music and film, it's a different kind of learning curve and passion but 3D is like work to me. I enjoy it but it's something I need to do for a living. I need to skill to stand out and make money. More than 5 bucks from a shitty bar gig or 100 bucks for filming shitty client ideas
watch tutorial while going to sleep.
finish when you wake up.
>sometimes I get so overwhelmed by how much I still need to know and how time is not on my side.
Completely normal. You're a beginner, you probably feel like you're "painting by numbers", like you're not really learning anything, and not understanding how you got to the finished product. That's a completely normal feeling, though it's just a feeling; the reality is, you are learning and you're learning so much that your brain is saying "I need a break to process this".

You might need meds too, but I would also recommend a bit of zen mind magic: Instead of trying to FOCUS, instead change your mindset to becoming DEDICATED. Focus is quite literally chemically finite, Dedication is not.
>What's the difference?
One is an act, the other is a mindset or a lifestyle or a way of being. It also can help (but is hard) to actively feel GRATITUDE. Being thankful that you're getting to do this, that you've got tutorials to follow, that you're learning and making progress. Gratitude is a real salve for a mind worn down by frustration and it plays a big part in devotion and dedication (of any kind).

And just because I've pointed this shit out doesn't make it easy, but it is most assuredly a path that you can walk.
I can do 3d stuff for 18 hours without stoping in the most autistic ways but i cant watch more than 15 mins of tutorial. Its so boring
Yeah, me too, though it's actually worse. I'm afraid to open up tutorials because I'm scared of just how much better everyone else's work is, and how much of a steep hill I would have to climb to even get halfway up to that point, not to mention surpass it.

It's a terrible pride mixed with a deep sense of dread and fear problem.
What if you sped up the videos? I think it'd help more if you sped it up before getting sick of it.
That's really nice, advice, anon. I'll keep that in mind when I tackle learning modeling, too. I'm about to graduate with a degree I thought would help, but it was mostly a scam. I'll have to teach myself, or get some help down the road from a professional program, but it's just so daunting. I guess I have to be thankful that I even am getting these chances. Thanks, again.
Try listening to the tutorial as if you are in love with the person explaining shit.
Serotonin = focus coz you want to,
Dopamine = focus coz it feels good.

Either that or try 5HTP supplements.
You could try microdosing LSD if you're feeling adventurous.
ADHD meds are cancer, they probably won't help you and will most likely just help you focus on wherever your mind starts wondering to.
just getting started is a powerful thing... try not to focus on how long it will take to complete it but just get started. tell yourself "i can stop after 5 minutes if I want to" but getting started will usually carry you over that hump

someone rec'd the tomato timer or whatever, this is the same thing but with a 'study partner' so it feels like youre actually kinda being held responsible by someone else: https://bruisedbanana.itch.io/study-with-me

so far as being overwhelmed by how far there is to go in terms of learning / mastering things, i like to think of it as: everything I learn goes into my toolbelt. im not a master but its valuable time spent just to get one more bit of knowledge or skill into the belt even if I can't use it to make a whole big thing yet. (if you only learn a small skill that day, then use it the next, then the next...it'll take less time to make something better and better.)

sorry for the focus issues stuff, hope you manage to do cool shit

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