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Is Lumion an overpriced meme kept alive by amateurs, or the future of real-time archviz and Unreal will be BTFO? Also, lumion 8 crack when?
desu I think its worth a while to work in lumion, can't wait for crack, also I think a few people did crack it but are smart enough not to share, for the right amount of money from the developer, still, can't complain about Lumion 6.5.1, that's already available cracked
Why do people keep creating these shitty looking buildings? I swear to Christ, nearly every 3D artist has done at least one of these.
Because this is modern architecture, and rich millennials want to buy these sorts of houses. So archviz artists are rendering these sorts of houses for real estate catalogs.

Not my cup of tea either but that's just how the ball rolls. If people were looking to buy Japanese mansions or old-style European homes in droves, you'd probably be sitting here complaining that every 3D artist has created at least one of those instead.

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