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File: meh_blocking_out.jpg (510 KB, 2378x1073)
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Taking a break from ninja-rat I made. Wanted to make a cute/petite character. Focusing mostly on the face so I can practice blend shapes. Have an idea to swap heads for a mouth-less model to then draw more cartoony mouth shapes on it.

Been trying to come up with a design. Not sure to make a Sticks rip-off or Ketsune of some sort. (I always like those anime animal ears). Also wanted to try and do the Panty & Stocking style once I get to the body.

Any suggestions?

TL;DR Looking for a simple petite girl design cus I suck at design.
I like the sketch in light blue to the right of the screenshots, but not the other sketches so much.

I think a lot of this is going to come down to proportions.

Skip the first section of this infographic if you want, I'm interested in the second section where Nsio talks about proportion and the 7 heads rule in which the location of landmarks can be broken down in measures of heads, and also adjusting this scale so that a character is 5 or so heads tall instead, and how the landmarks still rely on 7 head rules like shins are 2 heads away from the bottom, crotch is about 3 heads away from the bottom, etc.

Work out the proportions of Panty and Stocking since that seems to be what you want to go for, see where they differ, if at all, to make different characters without relying on only their outfit to change who they are.

For faces the important parts to change to make a recognizably different person are: Face shape, chin shape, cheekhones, eyebrow shape, eye shape, eye bags (may not be applicable to this cartoon style), upper lip shape / presence of notch, upper and lower lip thickness individually, how far out the ears go, ear lobe, how far out the chin goes, nose profile, shape of the tip of the nose (may not be applicable), nostril visibility (may not be applicable), wings of the nose, angle of the septum, depth of the philtrum, and shape of the philtrum.

Even changing only a couple should make it all add up differently in your head.

I'll see what else I have that could help.
This other infographic from Nsio also has some head scaling beyond 7 info, and displays a 7 head and a 5 head scaled person side by side at the same height to portray the difference in proportion rather than just the difference in height which is the most obvious thing in the previous infographic.
Stocking is literally a cone, four cyllinders and a cut-off sphere for hair. This isn't any sort of massive undertaking, you could get it done in a day and figure out if it's petite enough for you or not that way.
Thanks Im saving this stuff on my phone so I can use it at work.
https://www.zerochan.net/Panty+and+Stocking+With+Garterbelt,Character%20Sheet There's fairly large images of Panty and Stocking character sheets on here if you're interested.

Fiddling with ways to line them up in Photoshop right now since things aren't lining up quite right, but what I have so far with their facial differences that you could use to make a unique face are:

Panty's nose is more turned up and begins lower, Stocking's nose starts higher and slopes downward more, then a slight upturn for a point. Panty has a higher jawline, Stocking's curves slightly. Panty is thinner. Panty's eyes are farther forward, smaller, and the inward point is higher and more pointing inward, Stocking's eye's are larger and don't really have an inside point, or it's just farther to the outside and lower making the eyes more boxy, perhaps suggesting she's a square and not the wild character, and her lower lashes give the impression of eye bags, making her look tired or depressed.
OP here found this https://e-hentai.org/g/360807/1eed281631/
thanks for the link.
Think i will try and find more art books just draw reference and make a model later.
This should be enough to make a fuzzy set of guides

Bottom of eyes 0.22 head away from bottom of head
Shoulders are 0.44 head (head height) wide
Hips begins / waist ends 2 heads away from bottom
Knees are 1? 1.1? heads away from bottom. Can't tell for sure where the knees are.
Arms are 1 head long from top of shoulder to wrist
Hands are 0.5 head long, sometimes 0.6, from wrist
Waist is 0.36 head wide
Neck is 0.16 or 0.15 head wide
Crotch is maybe 1.7 heads from bottom, can't see it.
Feet are 0.5 head tall
Nose tip is 0.2 head from chin bottom
Nose tip is 0.07? 0.08? head extended out from nasion
Nasion is 0.3 head from chin bottom
Legs are 0.53? 0.55? head wide toward the bottom
Legs are 0.3, 0.33 head wide toward the top
Middle finger is 0.34 head long to end of line, 0.38 head to estimated knuckle
Index finger is 0.34 head long to estimated knuckle
Thumb is 0.28 head to estimated knuckle
Nipples are 0.29 head down from chin, estimated
Arms are 0.9 head long? shoulder to what might be the wrist
Shoulder to middle finger tip is 1.67 heads long
Arms are 0.14? 0.15? head wide toward top
Arms are between 0.24 and 0.27 head wide toward bottom
Waist is 0.3 head wide if cylinder, 0.2 head wide?? approximated if sides and back don't influence the front, like a box. Other official character sheet places it at 0.25 head
Knees are 1.24? 1.26? heads away from bottom, other sheet places it at 1.1 or 0.96 head
Legs are 0.5 head wide toward the bottom
Legs are 0.28 head wide toward the top
Navel's center is 2.1 heads away from bottom
Nose is 0.18 head away from chin
Ear is 0.15 head long, axis aligned to outer edge which is rotated 60 degrees. Otherwise 0.12 head tall.
Middle of ear extends 0.11 head from side of head
Nipple is maybe 0.32 head from center of navel
Superior orbital edge?? where the upper eyelid begins?? is 0.47 head from chin, expect it warps a lot depending on expression
Bottom of eye to chin is 0.23 head
Nose tip is 0.18 head from chin
Nipples are maybe 0.3 or 0.35 head apart?? approximated
Neck is 0.14? 0.12? head wide
Neck is 0.06? head tall
Shoulders rise about 0.08 head from what appears to be neck base
Armpit is 0.14? head from chin
Eye is 0.21 head wide, eyelid extends farther though
Eye is 0.25? 0.26? head tall
Tip of nose extends 0.09 head from nasion
Eye is recessed 0.03 head behind nasion
Calves might be 0.33? head deep from front of leg
File: damn.png (775 KB, 705x635)
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775 KB PNG
And using this data I tried my best to alter the character to better match these proportions, using Blender to slice it up into outlines of shapes and adjusting them.

The head profile is very important imo and I made her less of a twig, some thigh and butt the best I could manage with this.
File: 1456109054979.jpg (15 KB, 553x351)
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what the fuck is this autistic gobbledygook
My question isn't what the first two posts are, but rather why he thought we would want them...
OP, before I can really help you I'll need you to dump your dxdiag as plaintext to this thread.
This reminds of of something I saw on windows support, where they claimed that any and all stack overflow errors were a hacking attempt, and you should fix it with chkdisk.
Really wish I had thought to screenshot it.
File: what.png (45 KB, 845x454)
45 KB
Turns out I did, but not the full page, so no URL.
Haha, sorry. I've been real into proportions lately after reading up on forensic anthropology and facial reconstruction, on top of past readings on proportions in stylized human anatomy and rediscovering the Manuel Bastioni Lab human creation tool since that's all proportion based.

Kinda ended up posting every little piece of a process when I could have just posted an image with horizontal and vertical lines for where each part floats around, which I realized way too late. xD

Oh well, if OP at least finds one useful part of it then I don't feel like I wasted my time, I kinda enjoyed the mindless task while hopped up on caffeine. Just set a custom unit that's the length of the head and went to town with the ruler.
File: TamamoRough.jpg (711 KB, 3260x2079)
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711 KB JPG
Rough to start from. the first 2 are trace the third is based off of scanty scene she has an almost front view.

Thanks guys for the input. I should be able to start something by Tuesday or Wednesday on my day/s off.

I think I may look into making reusable models as well.

I got a good laugh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
I've done the same thing when modeling characters based on their (bullshit numbers) official heights that don't match artwork. Going off of the numbers they give you, you usually end up with weird shapes that don't look like the characters, so you end up working out the ratios and such from the artwork.

>what the fuck is this autistic gobbledygook
You might find looking in a mirror an enlightening experience, anon.
Hey, that looks good. Even I feel like modeling it now.
go right ahead.
Now you got something nice here
The only thing I would point out is the legs are one solid mass from hip to toe I can imagine the transition to 3D looking odd without a knee pit maybe give it a slight bend when modeling to help make it look natural.
File: TamoRef_post.jpg (241 KB, 1575x787)
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241 KB JPG
found figures. also I think the 2012 TMNT has a similar design for hands and feet. or wrists and ankles.
I-I didn't mean to sound mean, anon. It looks simple and elegant, I legitimately think it would be fun to model.
if you want to use my model sheet go right ahead.
I would see it as a complement.
If you want more angles of a better Panty figure https://myanimeshelf.com/figures/204201_Twin_Pack+_Panty__Stocking_with_Chuck:_Panty
thanks mate
File: dolls.jpg (266 KB, 1026x1595)
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Blocked out the look. Made a male version as a test. Think I may make 2 versions. Low poly for Tabletop Simulator. And high poly for shit posting. Going to look into texture faces to see if there worth it.
File: Starfire.png (368 KB, 466x720)
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368 KB PNG
Proportions remind me of Starfire from TTG.
Now I feel like modeling her myself.

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