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File: 214782178487214.jpg (39 KB, 960x540)
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Could the camera of the new Iphone X provide


facial mocap ? It seems to register faces in 3D space amazingly well
you would probably be better off ordering that shitty sensors and puttin git on an arduino or raspberry pi
The thing about the camera of the iX(god this fucking name) is thats...a camera. No need for sensors all around your room and a device to control it. You just need your phone where you want. I hope more (cheaper) devices adopt its face id and camera
Any camera with video recording and sufficient resolution can do this, so sure? There's facial mocap tutorials for Blender on YouTube in which soft-spoken nerds use their webcam and successfully track their facial features and control a rig with it.

You could get even more out of it if you actually place markers on your face to help with tracking.

Registering faces in 3D space doesn't really matter, especially since the camera is 2D so I have no idea what you really mean by that. That it has autofocus? Should hope so, manual focus with a touch screen is an awful feature that I guarantee exists on real-ass cameras.
File: 241214124124.jpg (15 KB, 600x288)
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The front camera literally puts tens of markers on your face and puts the motion into a base head mesh. its literally a mobile motion capture set and miles better than any other ones (except for the zenfone 4 i think it has something like this but more archaic)


That's really not impressive, Snapchat has done this already and we've done this with worse cameras and free software for years.

Anyway, chances are that whatever software it uses for tracking facial markers won't give you access to the tracking data for use in your 3D program.

Don't fall for the hype, just look up some tutorials on facial mocap and get a cheap webcam if you really want to do it or are just interested.
>Snapchat has done this already
All Snapchat can see is if you open your mouth or not or if you raise your eyebrows. Also it completly loses track as soon as you rotate your head a bit. This one doesn't and it can register pretty small movements. You apple bashing fags are in denial.
Is this thread about how easy it is to have facial mocap, or is it about how the iPhone X is amazing and innovative?

Go shill somewhere else then, and don't bother shilling this crap when the iPhone Y comes out next year and Apple pushes an update to kill iPhone X's battery life.

Go tell your aunt, her mind will be blown.
>Is this thread about how easy it is to have facial mocap

Its this in context of the Iphone 10 camera.
>Is this thread about how easy it is to have facial mocap, or is it about how the iPhone X is amazing and innovative?
The OP's question is whether or not his apple toy can be used for facial mocap. Given that, as others have said, you can achieve facial mocap with a webcam and some dots on your face, the answer is going to be "yes".

I think if you wanted cheap good mocap you could spend the same amount of money on a series of xbox kinnects and use software off steam (or pirate it) to do it and then you'd have full body mocap as well

Thought you might like this.

Yes, it's already being done
Go away. Nobody cares.
>facial mocap ?
use a webcam and blender.
File: blender_tutorial.gif (1.21 MB, 500x302)
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1.21 MB GIF
>use blender

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