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So I want to add physics to this model in blender so I can use it in GMOD, anyone mind helping me out and telling me what to do?
physics is done through the game engine, which is gmod.
maybe you mean animation?
you need to import the Valve.Biped armature.
you should be able to get it from any gmod character model that you've decompiled through crowbar.

if you have not installed crowbar you can get it from the group on steam.
the group is for crowbar.

you also require the blender source tools.
can be found here:
this allows you to import and export .smd files

you also require vtfedit.
this is the program that will allow you to create your materials for use in gmod.
can be found here:

you must also learn how to write (or at least utilize) a .qc file for compiling with crowbar and you need to create (or utilize) a .lua file for your character mesh to be usable as a player character model and/or an npc.

if this is your first rodeo in game character creation i suggest you do not start with gmod as the source engine is an extremely finicky bitch about literally every single detail.

>name the material in blender different than what you named it in the .qc or the .vmt or the .lua and you'll get the pink and black checkerboard

>if your weights aren't painted correctly your model will not animate in game and possibly not compile

>if your mesh is not one solid mesh it most likely won't compile

>your animations may be in directions you do not desire if your origin points are not set correctly

>if your mesh is too high poly it will not compile. limit is around 250k vertices, i believe, for the compiler and something around 25k vertices for the game engine itself to calculate proper physics.

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