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File: maya-34da88e18b.png (39 KB, 512x512)
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Maya 1 month subscription in uk pounds
>£204!!!! a MONTH!...
This program had better shit out a fully made game with one click at that price...wtf!!!
nice thread faggot
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If you want to make a game get Maya LT, it's $35 a month.
File: 194327-004-60511886.jpg (27 KB, 346x450)
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Assuming you don't, ever, want to work with high-poly meshes that you need to export FROM Maya LT.
And anyone who does subdiv modeling has to retopo and bake that shit inside Maya LT itself or export it in parts, Maya being renowned for its retopo tools that for sure aren't sub-par.

LT's a shit deal in most gamedev scenarios. If I wasn't getting paid for low-poly and wasn't taught Maya for ~3 years I wouldn't be using it. You've gotta really be sure that poly limit won't mess up your workflow.

The presence of a poly limit is also likely to be set in stone since they don't want LT to cannibalize any full-license Maya seats if they can help it. They could do an Unreal Engine type thing where you buy a full license at a certain earnings threshold but way more big earners have a use for Maya than Unreal so it'd still be poking their licensing enforcement strategy full of holes since companies buying LT would have to be investigated alongside companies that use piracy to inflate their seat count. You can't pile all of the blame for this on Autodesk being greedy since, for this whole thing to happen, the businessmen running 3D studios have to be greedy enough to go outside of the law/licensing agreement (which they do) just to save, what amounts to, basically fucking nothing for any business actually making decent money. You can for sure blame the whole thing on businessmen being shit, though.
Ayyy kids these days... way back software like Maya used to be like $6000+ up-front for a license and you weren't even guaranteed continued service and support, and the upgrade price for the next version was around 1/4 of full price. The current service model has made these programs vastly more affordable and you don't even have to worry about the timing of your purchase as you can just upgrade to the latest version when it comes out.

Just to reiterate, in 2005 you had to pay tens (or hundreds, depending on engine) of thousands of bucks just to have the capacity to make a game, now literally anyone with a part-time job (or parents with disposable income) can afford to start with minimal investment into the stuff needed. You're pretty lucky to get started today.
It used to be even more expensive than that.


Once upon a time, when a dollar was worth more than it is today, Maya cost $16k!
is way better to pay upfront and actually buy the fucking product that to pay some bullshit subscription fee every fucking month
You can't buy Maya or Max anymore, not even in the suites like you used to. It's the same shit Microsoft is trying to push with Windows as a service... soon you won't even own your OS anymore.
gnu/linux + blender 3d reporting in

linux+blender+gimp ... worst of everything by usability
>using Gimp
>not Krita
I only open Gimp to use the normal and dds plugins. And even for that I won't need it once Krita gets the python api.

Gimp sucks but Blender is fine. get Krita as >>590716 said, it's really amazing. Gimp just gives open source a bad name.
Krita handles large canvases/complex brushes like garbage and that directly impacts the maximum image quality you can work with. Photoshop is the price of a netflix subscription now anyway. I spent a while putting up with the old pricing scheme and the new one is much better, particularly if you're only using Photoshop.
I *want* Krita to be good for the stuff it does differently to Photoshop, like that seamless texture drawing mode and the nice brush engine, but every time I've tried it it's been a mess.

I only use Krita for "organic" decals such as hand made drawings, graffitis, etc.. But it's not a reliable replacement for photoshop of course.
PS2 is free. Beats the crap out of Gimp
No its not

With subscription you get the latest version whenever you want, or previous ones if you so desire. You don't have to worry about timing your purchase or upgrading and you don't have old ass software lying around.
>being a student and getting it for free
>free for 3 years only, and you can't use it to make money
>implying you could expect decent income with less than 3 years experience under your belt
>maya 2018 can't open files larger than 2GB
I love maya, but fuck, get your shit together Autodesk

File: 95634324578.jpg (45 KB, 409x409)
45 KB
>moved to Houdini
>can just pay indie fee
>program is 10x faster
>crashes once a month or less
>does everything but animation better than Maya
>doesn't break basic functionality with every update

I feel sorry for Autocucks
File: flat,800x800,075,f.jpg (18 KB, 248x189)
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>houdini for character animation aka the moneymaker
slowdini is literally decades behind but has a shill army
File: 1489835964814.jpg (43 KB, 400x800)
43 KB
Decades ahead, you mean. See you in 5 years when everyone has switched to procedural node-based systems and you're still stuck in the past trying to find work with your destructive workflow.

This shit is amazing, but at the same time, I can't stop thinking that this is cheating in some way. It removes part of the physical work that makes art what it is. It makes it even easier for anyone to be able to do crazy stuff with just a bunch of nodes and sliders.
It seems slightly redundant to me, as procedural content generation can already be done programmatically within UE4, since blueprints are already a procedural node network.
The first example with the spline pipes basically already exists in many BP options you can get on the marketplace, or you can just follow a tutorial and make your own.
The key difference I can spot is that the UE4 method uses building-blocks and smartly arrays them into an asset, while HDAs make that asset from scratch, but I doubt that an HDA asset would look as nice as a custom model. If you’re using it as a proxy for proper art, then it’s no different from UE4’s method anyway.
I suppose Houdini is easier for a pure artist to use, to minimize the use of code or BPs, but Houdini isn’t easy to use in and of itself either and requires you to learn another program, when you could just advance your knowledge of UE4.
Houdini is crazy powerful no doubt, but for games it’s less impressive because you usually can’t flex that power without bringing the engine to its knees, and are relegated to using it for things a good engine should be able to do on its own anyway.
Are you poor or something?
Even for a freelancer thats not much money.
That is about a third of monthly salary in some european countries, my dude. Also, almost the same amount of money as a minimal wage.
>bought crypto 2 days ago for €200
>went 2.5x
>sold today for €500

My point being it's not about the lump sum but what it is worth, because those 200 could be put elsewhere. Maya is a trash program that only survives on being industry standard because most people are used to it and they pay unis to force it down people's throat. Modo costs less, Houdini costs less, both are superior programs in everything except animation.

Also OP just pirate it, even people working in the industry do it, everyone does it, because it's such a broken piece of shit people really don't like paying for it.

>That is about a third of monthly salary in some european countries
Don't the adjust pricing for eastern Europe and such?
Not them, but I'm poor as dirt so a $2,000+/yr subscription on someone with a ramen noodle budget isn't practical. Thank goodness for Blender.
You cant stop python script execution in maya, and then you must end process ofc you loose your script if you dont save,and there is no save just save as

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