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File: jatV6.png (33 KB, 882x884)
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Alright so I'm a beginner at 3d modelling and all I've ever used. Why does /3/ hate it so much? What makes other programs better? Should I stop using blender or is it fine fore beginners?
I Could Sanction Nothing More Perfect.

there are no better or worse programs
download free paid tutorials and then make an assumption for yourself to see which workflow looks best to you
That doesn't explain why everyone shits on it all the time though.
I told you what you needed, not what you want

Why people shit on it?

You should ask why shouldn't them, ugly ui (download bforartists), weird controls ( use Maya present), Community is great ( but also sucks dick, nearly all the blendertards here are fucking fanboys, and that's why automen shits on them) lots of things more, but there are lots of good things.

Blender is great for both begginers/professionals, but if you want professional (not industry, just big things), get addons and pirate good tutorials from the holy site(cg peers) also something you should do is use Maya interaction first so it can be used universally of you snap to maya or another program.
Always remember, if softimage wasn't dead, we wouldn't be fighting for this shit.
Thanks boyo ;) <33
The reality is any popular program these days is viable, you just hear complaints from people who are lazy and can’t learn new interfaces. A veteran or pro uses at least 5 or 6 programs. From vray to topogun to maya to zbrush,

Point is with 3D work there are so many tools and applications needed to get the job done you should be comfertable with learning new programs. Especially if you want to keep up in the industry as many great new plug ins and apps are being mixed into scene every year.

I learned 3DS max just so I could use a rendering engine that was exclusive to the software. It was all in Japanese too.

TLDR: amateurs argue over which suite is best, pros know it’s about your own personal skill that makes your work.
File: every_single_day.jpg (221 KB, 573x856)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
>Why does /3/ hate it so much?
It's just a board meme, it's meant to trick idiots.
It's like how /fit/ says to drink a gallon of milk or only eat oats.
Or like when /v/ pretends to hate a current popular video game while also playing it extensively.
Or like /fa/ and the hitler youth haircut.
Pretty much every board has one of these meme things meant to trick casual browsers.

The truth about Blender is that because it's free and easy to download (small file size) and easy to run (written with low end systems in mind), there are A LOT of Blender "users" out there making absolute garbage and posting it on the internet. That's not something unique to Blender, you can find terrible art made in every software, but those paid softwares have a barrier to entry that weeds out some of the plebs.
>but those paid softwares have a barrier to entry
Knowing how to pirate shit?
the joke is on you pal. there is 1 person here that makes all the maya-blender threads and he usually makes the first 5 posts as well.
i know this because i know his writing style and reasoning from other threads.
sure you do
Believe it or not that stumps a lot of people.
I'm thankful I downloaded Blender as my first 3D program.
>know nothing about 3D
>start lurkig /3/
>see a lot of people suggesting Blender
>decide to give it a go
>interface is not very intuitive, I don't know enough to set up commands for shit I don't even know every way of doing yet
>close Blender
>look online and find out I really want to learn CAD and NURBS modeling anyways
>found a new passion thanks to first finding shit

I really don't even care about the arguments, I'm sure the program is fine and all if you grind it out and learn, but I'm glad I was impatient and moved on immediately after not liking the interface at first sight and not finding it very intuitive past that.

So I guess thanks Blender for making me realize what program I really want to be using.
people shit on it at /3/ but most /3/- and people use it. Also there are like 30% for it, and more in the background
It's just some dumb meme that people repeat to be in on the joke.
i dont get why everyone btiches about blenders UI I've never had issues with it.
There's also one guy who REALLY fucking likes calling Blender Foundation / users a "cult" (unless we're talking about the same guy). I recently started coming to this board again after a couple of years since I've gotten interested in 3D again and I spotted this guy immediately. It's funny how he has this religious hate towards Blender yet accuses others of cult mentality.
A lot of idiots were fooled into using Maya because they took 3D courses at college and Maya is the "indoostry stundurd".
Blender is better in every imaginable way, has more features, is faster to work with and never crashes.
Maya is a buggy mess and they want you to pay like 250 dollar a month for it, but even if you pirate it it isn't worth it.
>use Maya interactions
The absolute greatest benefit of using Blender is the unique Blender controls which makes every single action about 50-70% faster, you dumb fuck.
It's also really easy to switch to Maya later, if you absolutely have to, because it's literally just clicking shit on the screen with your mouse and digging through menus.
CAD/NURBS and Polymodeling are two very different beasts tho.

No you blender faggot. Rigging in Blender sucks, Rigify is broken, FBX support is complete crap (try exporting animations to a game engine), UV tools are outdated and bad, the cursor is a waste of time, curve tools are REALLY bad. I could go on and on, but I'll just let you live on your own delusion.
i agree on the rigging and exporting but the uv tools aren't bad. at least for me
Stay locked in your little cage, blendshill.

you can easily do this in blender
>50-70% faster
K. Let's begin talking about 3D CURSOR
File: 1427861509997.png (142 KB, 294x294)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>No you blender faggot
I don't disagree though
You wat
The UV tools in Blender are way better than the Maya crap.
The cursor needs a better indicator as to where it is in 3D space. A simple line from its origin down to the grid would be nice.
Ah, yeah, that is true.
I consider that a really small matter compared to all the clunkiness in Maya, though.
>FBX support is complete crap (try exporting animations to a game engine)
But it's actually a lot easier? You can keep all your animations in a single file and assign them all in Unity, as opposed to exporting each individual animation.
Don't even reply. He obviously hasn't even used Blender.
Mayafags are like Apple cultists. They don't care that they lack features, or that there are superior alternatives, or that there's something faulty with their product - and they take pride in being jewed for ridiculous amounts of money.
There's something wrong with them, and they can't be argued with.
>get addons

Which ones? I'm already spinning thinking about what I need.
people shit on blender for one reason and one reason only...
it's free and they waste thousands every year on their licenses for the few progs they require while blender does it all in one.

i'm not saying blender outperforms or even equals some paid programs.
but when you spend over $5k just to have somebody get damn close to the same results for free, you're bound to get a bit upset.

non-blenderfags always forget that blender is supposed to be an innovation sandbox.
nobody makes anything fully in blender.
maybe models.
maybe mats.
maybe anims.

but nobody models, mats, anims, codes, debugs, distributes, etc... with just blender.
You really think people who come here and bitch about Blender PAID for their Software-licenses?
Some maybe, but the overall majority is just pirating.
And that is where you argument falls apart.
Why do pirates shit on Blender if it makes no difference for them in terms of financial and emotional investment?
Based Ton laying the bantz on Autodesk:

Blender gets shit on because it's a program that tries to be a jack of all trades and does none good and because there are blender fanboys who think Blender is better than anything out there and people love to trigger them. You can get away with using Blender for most of the things as a hobby-ist but if you want top of the line, professional results I would recommend breaking down your pipeline and using the best dedicated software for each step. Find the best software for modeling(3ds or modo or whatever), sculpting(zbrush), retopo(totpogun), uv(unwrap3d or something), texturing(substance/mari or quixel/mari), rendering (arnold or vray )etc. I really doubt any professional at this time uses only on software.
>jack of all trades
That's exactly why people like Blender, retard. Maya and 3DS are trying to be like this and failing.

Blender also happens to have the fastest modeling workflow of them all.

>if you want top of the line, professional results

blender falls short when it comes to export/import. i know that the dae exporter is partially broken. the fbx/obj support is fine (might have problem in some situations).
also the rigging aspect should be more streamlined.
granted, the video editor is not bad. (compared to free ones its the best around)
None of those are top of the line you retard. They are good, but there are not on par with what top of the line industry professionals are doing. just check Puliero's stuff and you can clearly see it's not on par with what people do. Also that Jerry guy uses a payed plugin to do the hard surface stuff and Puliero uses Zbrush which kind of negates the whole "blender is free and does everything" meme.
>Mark uses Gingo brand pencils
>Steve uses Hyubu brand pencils
>Mark draws better than Steve
>Gingo pencils are better than Hyubu pencils

What does this matter
I get the feeling they might be one and the same, really. Even when I told him that Blender isn't utter shit despite its flaws, he still keeps pulling that mentality. It's even in this thread.
Because using Maya or 3DS makes them feel superior to everyone else not using either program.
The word cult is a really obvious giveaway.
Whoa, you're legit braindead and desperate.
Puliero literally worked on Charizard, Pikachu, Link and Pikmin for Smash 4, and you're trying to claim he's not an industry professional?
And what? a $20 plugin doesn't count in the context of a comparison with a $1.5k a year software?
You're an idiot my dude.
File: 2017-11-10_12-10-14.png (34 KB, 800x468)
34 KB
You're retarded if you think the guy is a top of the line professional or that he did those using only Blender. There are a lot of mediocre artists working in the industry and using crappy software. Puliero is neither top artist nor does he use Blender exclusively (pic related)
I use nothing but blender. I take commissions.
I hope to save up for different programs.

I feel the sculpting in blender lacks, however Can still do a great job. It just lacks a few tools that would be helpful.

Rigging, I don't know about other programs. But I feel blenders tools are pretty mediocre.

Uv Unmapping, i want to say this is the thing I hate most from blender. Work flow feels real shitty.

Blender is good, but it could do everything other programs can do. But its the workflow that sorta is clunky in some areas.
>You're retarded if you think the guy is a top of the line professional or that he did those using only Blender
Way to backpedal, moron. Nobody ever said this.

It doesn't change the facts that he's an industry professional, he uses Blender, he's a shit ton better than you'll ever be and you're salty as fuck.
File: Costanza.jpg (11 KB, 220x220)
11 KB
>my argument from the beginning was that you don't get to "top of the line" only with Blender, you retard. Read again my posts

> he's a shit ton better than you'll ever be and you're salty as fuck.
implying, try again kid
It has been ∞ days since /3/ was good
You said find the best software for modeling before suggesting 3DS and Modo. If you don't think Blender can compete with them in the modeling department, you're a fucking idiot.
Blender has a fast workflow because it is hotkey based not because it has the best tools as far as modeling goes. 3ds, Maya and Modo have a lot of tools and modifiers that blender lacks(and I would wager Modo is not even slower). That being said, if you use Blender only for modeling you probably can get good results comparable with what other packages are doing.
This is also one of the reasons Blender stays behind. It invests in Eevee and crappy Cycles and other features that will never be able to rival dedicated software instead on focusing on becoming a top of the line modeling package which is basically the only thing that has the potential to be top of the line
1. Being bloated with a bunch of useless shit doesn't make other software better. Blender gets all the good features in and having a fast workflow built on top of them.
2. Even with all that said, Blender still easily competes with them when you factor in addons. If you assemble everything on github, gumroad, blender market among other sites, you get a 3D suite that blows the ever living fuck out of 3DS Max and Modo combined for a cheaper price.
> that blows the ever living fuck out of 3DS Max and Modo combined for a cheaper price.

Lol, yeah, I really doubt that it blows anything out of the water.
I'm not personaly a fan of 3ds but a decade ago it had features that are just coming to other packages. Take masterxeon's plugin for example, 11 years ago 3ds already had it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnSubLy8sJ8.
But yeah, do the stuff with the github plugins and all that. I'm sure is gonna turn out great
Diff anon and while I wouldn't get all the plugins since there's several that do the same or similar things, some better than others, they don't really cause problems with each other. If one of them errors out or fails you just get some error messages, Blender as a whole is fine.

Worst thing that happens is you get more and more extra tabs in your UI from things like, for example, MMD tools which I only wanted to use for importing the occasional model but it comes with a full set of MMD model rigging / preparing tools that get their own tabs all over the place. Like come on guys I just wanna import this effeminate man from Idolmaster SideM and do nasty things, not make a music video actor.
File: 1420427640947.jpg (13 KB, 196x178)
13 KB
spoken like a real professional
it's just a running joke. most people here love it and are shittalking it for fun.
blender does everything and is in one tight and easy to use package. its sculpting is getting better by the version easily on par with mudbox and will probably be better than zbrush by next year.
it's weight painting leaves a bit to be desired but is otherwise on par with maya for rigging and animation.
theres absolutely no reason to get anything other than blender.
Post your work, retarded Mayafag.

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