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Hey 3DCG, I'm really lost in life at 25. I've been neeting for the last 8 years and I feel myself rotting away by the day.
Is it naive to think I can become remotely half-decent just by doing tutorials everyday, or is there a lot of fundamental stuff I'd be missing if I didn't go to a school or program? To elaborate, I'm not interested in 3D for animation, but as a mix for post and video production.
You can learn 3dcg starting at 25. But Don't expect it to be fast or easy. If you've been a NEET for a decade that is the biggest hurdle. You need to work hard, consistently, and seriously.

Try to get an audience on Twitter or Insta or something, make some friends with people who are also serious and are doing what you want to do.
Here's what you definitely shouldn't do: waste the rest of your youth in your room like a walking corpse.

Try applying for a simple job and do whatever you want to do on the side as a hobby. You can become more than "half-decent" by yourself, but don't expect that to happen overnight, or even for a few months or years, depending on how much you study and practice.

Schools on this area are expensive, but they will usually have professionals who worked previously in the industry, which will teach you more professional workflows based on wherever they worked. Those are also good places to network and can offer an easier entry point into the industry. You should only join one of these if you're absolutely sure of what you're doing and you can actually pay for it, both of which you probably don't apply for.
>Is it naive to think I can become remotely half-decent just by doing tutorials everyday, or is there a lot of fundamental stuff I'd be missing if I didn't go to a school or program?
it's possible to become "half decent" without going to school. it's even possible to become a professional without going to school. people have done it.
your expectation of how long this will take, and what you want out of 3D, is going to determine how naive the thought is.
Im right with you, Im 25 as well and Im following the same path. Started a year ago, I can tell you fuck school.

But one thing to keep in mind is you need to learn some other things beyond just 3D such as good life habits:

1. Managing stress
2. Working Efficiently
3. Managing expectations vs reality
4. Learning how to motivate yourself

Its all on youtube and I recommend you work on these as you advance in your 3D work. Im not there yet op but Im certainly making amazing strides, anyone can do it. Anyone without a doubt its possible. Just keep your nose to the grind and you will make it.
Thanks so far everyone
in the future please dont post on my behalf

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just leaving this here
You can do it. But, please, for the love of god don't limit your 3d related interactions to this place. The best way is to learn having some cg friends and sharing your work/problens with them. I thought I'd never say this on fucking 4chan but, being a little bit social helps a fuckton.
Tl; dr. git gud OP
There is a lot of under the hood shit in 3D that I've never read online and having someone knowledgeable explain it helps tremendously.

Also, my advice is similar to >>590466
Pick a project that challenges you and stick to it. I find that I learn a lot faster when I have to overcome specific problems rather than going through random tutorials.

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