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File: NTwCa[1].jpg (72 KB, 480x360)
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No one has reuploded them. IDK if anyone remembers them but one was about Franklin trying to get a coding job and another one involved Mr. Computer and Franklin in Japanese class.

I really really want to re watch them.

If anyone hasn't seen this show before, here is episode one:
ask tv and requests
I'll try them. I thought this would have been more known on this board.
>changes his name to the weird part of youtube
>removes the videos that were actually weird and unsettling
I'm pretty sure it isn't him. Fedorov has said he wants to be forgotten.
File: microloli-gaijin.jpg (55 KB, 320x960)
55 KB

Despite everyone saying the internet is forever, the internet actually forgets the fuck out of everything. It's not so much that the original thing disappears from the net (although in truth it often does), it's just that there's so much new stuff constantly being dumped on the internet that old stuff becomes more and more obscure.

I have an old CD from 2005 full of 4chan memes and 99.999% of the big memes from that time would be completely unknown now a day.

If Fedorov actually wanted to be forgotten all he'd have to do is shut up. The internet forgets everything.
File: IMG_5836.jpg (21 KB, 480x269)
21 KB
It's too bad.
File: Thad_veel_wen_DDDDD.png (141 KB, 526x398)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
>old CD full of vintage 4chan memes
You should upload them; it would make a nice time capsule

You are right about the forgetfulness, I remember that a fuckhuge playlist of 80's/90's stock music got shoah'd because the on YT account was removed, but it only had <1k views.
>Fedorov wants to be forgotten
Why? Was the internet fame too much? Is he ashamed?
Just go to 9fag if you want to see 4chan memes from 10 years ago.
So 4chan memes don't age well like cigars and wine?

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