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Can I use one Autodesk account to run multiple licenses simultaneously?

For example, can I put 2 licenses of 3ds max, 1 Maya and 1 Maya LT on the same account, and then use all of them at once with different computers?

I don't have the proper infrastructure for network licenses, they are more expensive than single seats and we're going to move into a new office next year, so we will build an entirely new server structure then. We also only need a few licenses, so there's really no point in using network options.

So yeah, can I put them all on 1 account or should I make one for each license?

>inb4 Blender
Nobody wants to learn or use it, so it's not a viable option right now.
Why don't you ask Autodesk?
because they'd probably try and sell me network licensing
Have you even tried?


They have a specific forum for asking questions just like these.
Autodesk has the worst website structure in history.
But thanks for being helpful

Most people here are using cracked software, you're better off asking on their forums.
if by the end of the day, the work it's gonna only have your name on it. buy one license, pirate the rest.
So I figured it out, in case anyone is interested.

You can have multiple single user licenses on one account. In the online account manager, you can then invite other accounts to be linked with yours, which will be the admin account, and assign licenses to them.
For example, if I have 2 Max and 1 Maya, I can assign 1 Max to myself, 1 Max to Tyrone and 1 Maya to Cleetus. They all have to have their own account tho, so for a company it would make sense for every employee to have their own autodesk account with your company mail / domain.
Now single user licenses can be installed on up to 3 devices, but can only be used by the account they have been assigned to by the admin. So if Cleetus is on vacation and Tyrone needs to use Maya, the admin must unassign Cleetus account and assign the now free license to Tyrone.
Pretty annoying stuff and will be a PITA with more than a few licenses. Cheaper than multi user licenses tho, which tend to be a good 500 bucks more expensive.
Multi user licenses allow unlimited devices and users, but as with single user licenses, one license can't be used simultaneously on more than one machine. You also need a server where your license manager is installed, and that fucker will hand out licenses to people attempting to start software.
So if you have a multi user license for Max with 2 seats and Tyrone and Cleetus log in, they can work no problem, but Jamal can't because all seats are in use.
This multi user license thing also must be connected to the server at all times or people will be thrown out of their software. The single user license just needs to be online every 30 days to verify.
Way too risky imo

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