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Trying to learn Maya, having a tricky time with how it handles materials because I'm retarded.

This is a SFM file that I converted to .obj with crowbar. Normally I use C4D, and applying the materials is as easy as making three materials, applying each image to one, and dropping the relevant material to the relevant object.

Maya opens this file as one object (as far as I can tell), and I don't know where to begin. I have three separate images (I think) I need to apply to one material. Not to mention the normal maps and such. How do I accomplish this?

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There's probably an easier way to do this and I'm just kinda dumb, but here's what you can do:

- Do a Mesh > Separate command on the entire mesh. This'll split it up into all the individual parts before it was combined.

- You have three images for three distinct body regions, so open the UV editor and click around to see which parts correspond to each image.

- Once you've got that figured out, assign a new material to those specific regions, then put the corresponding texture on the color channel of the material.

- You then just need to re-combine the entire mesh into one big piece.

Sounds complicated and again, probably an easier way to do this, but if the .obj came with only one material after you converted it with crowbar, you *have* to do this as there's no way for the software to know which parts the material should be in and which ones it shouldn't be in. If the mesh came with the materials pre-applied, you'd just need to put the textures in the right place.
Also, it might be better next time to ask this in the SSQT general, to keep the volume of one-off threads like this down.


Stupid Simple Questions is just a pejorative term, you can ask any sort of question there.

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