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File: tight-loose-vagina[1].jpg (26 KB, 651x393)
26 KB
Wow im a little surprised, I cant seem to find any tutorials on pus pus modeling.

Anyone have any good tutorials on it? Also is it possible in Zbrush? I imagine if I set a blend shape to spread the legs open i could get in there and do the sculpting and then close them back when im done... I can try it in Maya too no problem but Id like to stay all in one program.
Of course it is possible. Everything is. For tutorials I don't think you will find many... but you can try to look for tutorials on creating similar shapes to the ones you find difficult to sculpt.
Other than that, gather tons of reference :^) and do it over and over again till you get it right.
Heres why I think it might be an issue in zbrush; thats a lot of information to sculpt in a space thats already pressed together by the thighs. I imagine you either want like 4-8 million polys so you dont run out of detail room or construct decent topology in the area to help sculpt it and zbrush topology tools arent the most precise.

So while possible is it reasonable to spend so much time on when an easier way could be out there.
there was a japanese magazine that included a tutorial on how to model a loli's pussy, posted here years ago.
Ask your GF to know how you can model it.. Oh wait.
What about any for rigging?

I can't find the optimal way of doing it.
Uh lol I’m married.
Anon, lying on the internet is a criminal offense.
This is stupid you are stupid.
What's a pus pus? I'm not getting your message clearly here.
Actually, that was ironic, pointing out that you're married on an anonymous imageboard is.. Well, stupid.

Also check out how they do it in SFM, or some other erotic game or something. I'm sure there should be a couple of 3d models floating on the interwebs where you can learn from.
Find a tutorial on how to sculpt salty milk, that might help get you down the right path
File: Capture.png (273 KB, 621x622)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
You want the body model in A pose and not T pose - have fun rigging.

If you need some tutorials, you can start with mouth cavity sculpting

You want plenty of reference images.

pic related? - front inside mouth of my alien worm sculp

I'm happy to answer any questions, and feedback is very welcome, since I'm new to sculpting.

(I actually want to add a vagina to my humanoid character this week)
This is nice, but it really shows how lack of textures puts it down.

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