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How do you make money with your knowledge in 3DCG? I know some people here are part of the gaming/film industry but I'm quite curious on those who are not. And what product(s) are you using the most?
3dcg is not profitable
No you
I sell pirated copies of 3d software to ignorant customers.
I started to think that; things most people want to do (making cool shit like weapons or character design, etc.), doesn't pay well or at all, unless you are really good at it and persistent.
But i think there are still profitable areas such as architectural visualization, education or design. The thing is they are usually just boring (even more boring) day to day work. Which makes persistence to find a job in the field questionable, i think..
>How do you make money with your knowledge in 3DCG?

So far mostly just /GD/ related CG3D stuff has made me money, but that still overlaps into 3DCG. I have slowly and surely turned 3D programs into part of my design and production workflow for textile printing production, web design and general graphic design/prototype renders. Even if it's just to have 3D wireframe type curves I can transform and render any angle to transfer to Illustrator/PS.

I'm just enjoying my new found passion (as of the past 5 years) and working it into my graphic design and textile printing work flow as much as possible for experience in my favorite program while being at least as productive as if I didn't.

So i guess a TLDR breakdown would be

>3DCG has helped to make curves that can be projected from any angle almost as quickly as making them completely 2D, but essentially gives me endless renders of the same design for 2D design while improving skills in my true passion

Pretty much I haven't made shit off of my hobby of CAD yet, but I have found a way to work it into a profitable workflow while gaining experience in something I am growing to like more than what has made me money and has taken up half of my life.

garry's mod assets.

low poly gmod shit can be made in 20 -30 m7ns. once you know the workflow.

$50 for a static prop that's well made is common.
I do character design and real time characters, mostly freelancing for studios and indie clients. I earn between 4-7k a month, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on what contracts I get and if I do more than one at the same time. Just get good at what you do and invest time in building a good clientele that appreciates the effort that is required to do what you do.
None. In fact I probably spend more paying for software as I don't make any money. I just got a bunch of gpu miners so I can afford to learn how to get better at 3D.
How long did it take for you to build up to the level you're at now? What helped you learn the most?
About 5 years, give or take. I got there mostly by finding the best tutorials and best courses I could find, working hard and kissing a lot of ass

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