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File: Arnold_Really_Lean.jpg (30 KB, 329x482)
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Why are there no solid arnold tutorials specifically c4dtoa?
Is arnold a meme?
Is there a resource akin to this but for arnold?: arievvisuals.com/resources/

pic not related
>Is arnold a meme?
this board sucks and still, you're above its maximum level of autism
I can't see your help from over here
Just watch Maya Arnold tutorials. practically all the nodes are the same. It's same renderer, same workflow. There are soem specialty nodes that are different between packages, but you can work out what are appropriate substitutes.
Get grant warwicks mastering vray and learn the basics of what it means to use a render engine. All renderers share elements. I learned vray first, poorly, came to understand more using arnold, then went on to redshift, where I got along much better than I could've dreamt of. Physical renderers all have their own quirks and things, but they all share at least some logic, just like using maya blender c4d whatever

This is what I use when something wont work the way I want it too.
xyz shaders has some arnold examples but yeah seems like all the interesting tutorials are octane based
>shaders . xyz
>all the interesting tutorials are octane based
do you even have the internet? there are countless tutorials about Vray, Arnold, Renderman, Corona, etc.
not cool ones compared to octane tutorials unless you know some?

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