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>load up maya 2018
>it takes over 1 min to open the hotbox
>immediately crashes when I press LMB

Defend yourselves, autoshills.
t. europoor
> load up Maya on SSD
> takes 0.00001 seconds to load, no time wasted
> have intuitive, clean interface presented to me
> digital assistant in the mold of Taylor Swift welcomes me back
> presents me with slam dunk concepts to model and sell to Pixar for millions
> press a button, mesh is done
> Maya is just that good
> don't even have to UV, Maya knew what I wanted and did it for me
> Taylor Swift starts a strip show as she's sending the contracts to Pixar
> get some coconut water, export in .fbx
> Pixar calls back, they want to hire me full time
> "fuck, not again"
> *swipes left*
> Taylor Swift comes out of the 3D viewport and sucks me off
> post my work on artstation
> tons of job offers
> opportunities everywhere
> dick is enormous and my loads are thick
> automatically live for an extra 1500 years with a harem of hot women
> it's all thanks to Maya

Checkmate, blendies.
I think it's more /gd/ but i fucking regret getting the new photoshop cc, takes literally 10 seconds to make a New file and it's a billion times more laggy
$185/mo richer than you are.
File: 1qds.jpg (32 KB, 400x400)
32 KB
>get some coconut water, export in .fbx
Only be a paid userif you're ligit making money of it.
File: Captureiuty.jpg (81 KB, 787x508)
81 KB
>install maya 2018
>importing and exporting objs require a plugin
>obj export isnt enabled by default
seriously, defend this
takes 10 fucking seconds to set it on autoload. Seriously, there's a lot of shit to talk about Maya so this is nothing.
As a maya main, i have tons of shit to bitch about maya. This aint one of them . Get yo shit together.
thats why i left maya after 2 years learning it. got blender and feel alot better, no crash, no unneeded stacking of nothing, the only thing that can crash blender is if you have tooooo many polygons.
yeah its fucking dumb, but far from a dealbreaker
>load up Maya 2018
>it crashes sometimes
>$185/mo... oh wait, my boss pays for it
>it's the software I use at my job
>oh shit, I have a job
>in 3D
>imagine that
>have a job in 3D
>forced to use Maya 2018
well, at least it isn't Max
Every thursday the higher ups dress up in robes and sacrifice a Blender user on an altar dedicated to The Pipeline.
Can i come and watch? I'll bring a Blender user...
don't worry, when 2.80 is released we can render 'industry standards' users tears in realtime

> Blender 2.80 is released
> It's 2021
> Autodesk users asked for realtime rendering
> Arnold has implemented realtime years ago by now, took them about 6 mos
> Blender UI still shit
> Blender rigging, animation, FX still shit
> Post on /3/ about how Blender 2.9 is going to take over the industry

When will it end?
> Autodesk users asked for realtime rendering
What is Keyshot
its not industry.

arnold is.
File: 21qak.gif (147 KB, 500x351)
147 KB
147 KB GIF
>ultimate quads of idiocy
maya and max are part of any serious 3D production pipeline for film and games alike

Maya is god-tier, 3ds max is shit-tier at best.
houdini shits all over maya.
Not for character animation.
Upgrade to 2018.1 / turn off autoloading of seldom used plugins and scripts like bitfrost etc, no need to wait for them to load / you're doing something wrong if LMB crashes Maya
wrong. Houdini is years ahead. Watch this new content at 12m12s

last I read 2.80 is due for release next year. Might not be able to beat the big name software but looks pretty good for an individual user with no money.
how do you eat? Do you just leech?
money enough to eat and pay bills but not enough to sink into expensive subscriptions to shiny software that is usually paid for by studios and not individuals
>I only ever want to animate
>Mr.Goldbergsteinblatt forces me to use it for my job

Those are the only two reasons to ever use Maya. If those don't apply to you, fucking drop that turd and pick up something else. If you have the balls for it, start learning Houdini to future proof yourself.
Congrats on, just now, discovering Houdini, identifiable posting style Blender guy.
Blender is the best

That, is legitimately one of the coolest fucking additions I've seen added to a fucking 3D software. Fuck I hope a lot more fucking programs catch on and copy the hell out of it.
unlikely. The other software packages would need to be re-written from the ground up. You might get one off features that are close to this in other software, but it will never match the inter-operability and customization that Houdini gives artists. Don't wait for your other software to catch up, start learning Houdini now.

Not the best, but not nearly as bad as the haters make it to be.

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