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Alright this has been in my mind and i couldn't find an answer for it for a while now.
On the left we see a simple topology and there are new circles only at the start of extremities while it is plain it usually gets the job done, also this is what i usually see in other ppl's works.
On the right we have a more defined topology with circles all around the place and not just major muscles.
What are the up-downsides of these two different approaches (rigging, animation, work-efficiency and all) ?
Also general topology thread.
realistic muscles needs bulge control. The more you stylize and simplify the anatomy, the less you need to add deformers for biceps and so on.
And do a weird angle with the arms and you will see how broken it will look like.
right side is somewhat exaggerated.
Thanks, your explanation is really sits well with what i have experienced so far.
You're right. Here is a simpler one, but i think you get the point anyway.

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