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>was going to stop using pirated apps to make money but instead spent all the money on drugs
Isn't this why we all pirate here? We're all a bunch of drug addicted not quite good enough to be more than a literal who 3d losers.
I pirate because I need more than a 30 day limit to understand the program. I'm just retarded and slow sometimes and life gets in the way.

Just grow weed like an adult and drink occasionally.
I cannot grow weed on my salary.
You just need better financial habits. Nothing too hard.
The reason you can't do it is the same as most people that won't learn 3D after being here. The problem isn't you need more money. if you're on salary and are really willing to put the time to learn and the effort to do it right, you can grow on ANY budget. Lucky for you, if you start gathering supplies right now you'll be just in time for full season. I've done it with as little as half a dozen 15-20g pots, cheap seeds/soil and a basic FF nute kit for a couple hudred dollars total. Do it right and that's at least 1.5 from the full season pull and completely legal if you have a medical card or state permits.

Idk why I'm giving you this info on /3/.. but get the book Jorge Cervantes wrote and thank me later if this is something you want to learn.
its very cold here now anon, cannot grow anything. I cant even properly vape outside without sitting in a heated up car.
And just to piggyback off of this a little, I grew this year and it took probably, all together, a few weeks out of my time worth of work on the plants/harvest.

The rest of the time while not tending to the plants, I learned 3D related stuff and was working on music. I say all of this because it's not really that much investment to do it. Weed is amazing because it's literally that. A weed. It will do whatever it wants to if you set it up right. Not only do I have a nice harvest to enjoy, but I have saved well over 1000 bucks in just weed money that I can use for other things, like computer parts or music equipment. Even paying for programs finally.
If you start gathering supplies now though, you'll be ready for next season!
Exactly what

You have a lot to learn or at least look over before you start anyways and this gives you time to allow a small monthly budget for supplies over the next 3 while you get ready to veg those seeds, learn to clone if you want, learn to start them indoors and move to out, learn light control/tarping/trellis or tie and learn how to top ad sweep, then learn the curing process. There's a lot to it, but the good thing is, it's mostly effort on you ad learning the process, not how much money you throw at it. Although after you learn that helps
Where do you find the apps now a days?

megalinks is gone senpai.

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