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What's your favourite render engine and why, and what do you use it for?

I'm in charge of Archviz for an architecture firm. So far we've only done realtime stuff with Twinmotion and now UE4, because TM could not handle the scale of our projects and was not customisable enough. We've done some cool things and realtime rendering is a great iteration tool, but for many projects it's overkill. It's too much work to prepare a project for UE4 when really we just need some shots or videos for clients. Also, recently we have gotten more and more requests for motion graphics, since large scale projects always require more marketing oriented videos.

So I'm looking for advice on what direction I should go, and also I would like someone to shine some light on the vast amount of different render engines and their advantages. There are just so many different ones... and all our hardware is GPU heavy, so I'm not sure if simply going for V-Ray is the best choice?

This can be a general rendering thread as well.
I use Keyshot for rendering CAD files. Drag and drop, plenty of plug ins, easy simple animations and 3D 360 degree interactive files, real time and very realistic while making it easy to manage big projects with and of course lettig you model in your CAD software and see the real time changes in with Keyshot Live. I'm probably one of the only people here that uses Keyshot but I love it and couldn't imagine using anything else for rendering CAD files.
Thanks, I totally forgot Keyshot existed. Sounds really good tho if it's really that low maintenance. I'm guessing substance pipeline can feed into it as well?
Redshift and Cycles because i can actually render shit in them instead of leaving my 8 core PC for 20 hours to render 20 sec of a footage.
Is there a realtime standalone rendering engine that isn't something like UE4, where you also have to download an entire game engine to go with it?

Preferrably something that's free. It can be just a viewer where you upload the finished product to, nothing fancy. Obviously not Sketchfab in this case.
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Blender will have EVEE from the next version that releases in the next month or two. You can download the alpha/beta tho.
Cycles seems to get lots of flag here. What about Octane?
Cycles is fucking great. So is Redshift, Octane seems pretty ok too.
Yeah man. I know it's a little weird to set up, and haven't had much use for custom maps beyond what I can PS myself quickly.. so far. You may be better off with something more game oriented, but I don't remember having problems. You can always try it for free and see how you like it. I think Keyshot is also more for rendering products, but that's my $0.02 haha
That's the thing, all of them seem pretty great. Which one is good for Max and Houdini? Doesn't V-Ray do GPU rendering too now?

I will definitely check it out. I'm at the start of researching a solution for my case, possibly two solutions. We need a renderer that is very easy to use and basically only requires some drag&drop action so the architects can render some simple stuff themselves.
Then we need something a bit more fleshed out that can handle large scenes with lots of animations, and maybe even something for rendering some mograph or vfx stuff and something to composite it all together.

And of course we'll still use UE4 for some projects. We just need to be more flexible right now and a decent offline renderer would be helpful. Bonus points if it can use multiple computers.
OGRE desu.
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VRay has hybrid mode from v3.6, so it can use all your resources.

>We need a renderer that is very easy to use and basically only requires some drag&drop action so the architects can render some simple stuff themselves.
...then VRay is not a good pick here, because it requires you to understand its sampling and AA algorithm to avoid doubling render times and still getting a bad result because you have no idea what the options do.
In this respect it’s a shame that Arnold isn’t GPU accelated yet as it’s the easiest renderer I've used by far, just one tab of options mainly pertaining to how many ray bounces you want, but otherwise it’s cruise control for cool.
Well we need one ez mode render for the arch teams but for the viz team we need something with lots of control. The faster the better.
Adding to that, I really want to learn an offline renderer and also some mograph stuff. Is there a renderer that is working for Max and Houdini?
Set up VRay with a materials library and a few render presets and you should be good to go.

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