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Hey /3/, I have a problem.

I'm currently a Freshman at UCF majoring in Character animation. I already have experience in animating and creating models as well as having the tools necessary to animate.

Should I change my major?
post work.
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Idk who this character is, but something made me want to shittily fill it in with color
I think she's meant to be wearing gloves, anon. Look at the lack of fingernails and the line going down the side of the index finger.
>Should I change my major?
what's the reason for this question?
do you like animating? because that's what it boils down to.
would you be animating regardless in your spare time if no one was paying you for it?

above all, are you GOOD at animating, or have a strong desire/drive to become good? (post work?)
i've seen so many recent grad student reels on youtube that you could tell they just fucked around for 4 years and expected the degree to land them a job.
I feel this. I'm currently in college and only just figured out what I wanted to do this spring because I had no direction. My major teaches a little bit about a lot, and I learned almost nothing, really. So now I'm graduating in spring, and won't have a job lined up for me, and it's my own fault for not doing stuff in my spare time, but I wish I was actually taught modeling. We just made a single light saber.
lmao nigga then fill it white

I didn't shittily fill it with color in the first place. I'm not fixing someone else's mistake.
File: glove.jpg (559 KB, 587x761)
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didn't even notice haha. messed with it for another minute
off topic but what you you think of gnomon school student reels?

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