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Hey /3/ where should I start learning blender from?
For the absolute basics, Youtube is fine.

After that, CG Cookie.
Check out BlenderGuru and Gleb Alexandrov.
What has CG Cookie done that you can't find for free on youtube?
It's unfortunate that CG Cookie are greedy fucks with an overpriced subscription system.
Such a waste of potentially good learning material.
borncg makes quality videos
The guarantee of good workflow techniques across a wide variety of Blender practices.
Does Youtube offer that? Sure, some do, but good luck sifting through all the garbage. Bad teachers will teach bad techniques.

Say what you will about the price, but it's necessary to charge money to maintain a high standard.
Only worth watching if you're a beginner learning entry-level Blender knowledge.

Did you even watch his Lego Character tutorial? He is completely and utterly out of his depth when it comes to modeling.
his channel dosent focus on modeling. other than that its excellent
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>blender tutorial channel
>doesn't focus on modeling
You should probably start learning better software
>but it's necessary to charge money to maintain a high standard.
What? No
t. shitter who learned all his shitty workflow techniques on youtube
its one of the best channels out there.
i personally learned blender from this channel.
later expanded to oliver villar, kenan profit,remington graphics and cgcookie
I bet you're that massive faggot who defended Gnomon Workshop like they paid him to do it.
No? I've never defended them. I've never even watched a tutorial they've made or been subscribed, because I use Blender.

I suggest you watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPwdia3gAnk
This video is exactly the one that was in the OP of that thread. Maybe you're not that guy, but you say the same shit. There are plenty of high quality tutorials on YT. A lot of them are long and in-depth. If you can't find them, that's your problem. Some paid tutorials are must watch, but I also burned myself on a lot of them. Even those from Gnomon can be really shallow.
>There are plenty of high quality tutorials on YT
Nobody said there weren't, turd. Even in the video, Andrew iterates multiple times there's fantastic free stuff.

>If you can't find them, that's your problem
This is literally where CG Cookie becomes valuable. You're paying for the guarantee of high quality.

You might think you know how to find all the best Youtube tutorials, but the reality is, you don't, and you have no way of finding out what's good and what isn't, because even if a tutorial has a lot of likes, it could just mean they're a lot of plebs.
You're pathetic. What is this shitposting, then?

>t. shitter who learned all his shitty workflow techniques on youtube

Yes, I do know what YT channels provide good content. I went through hundreds of tutorials, including free and paid ones and I already wrote a long list of good 3DCG channels on YT and I'm not planning on wasting any more time on people like you. I'm not saying that paid tutorials are not good, but after your bitching about shitty workflows I had to reply.

It really isn't hard to find free quality content.
Btw just today I went through one more (recently added) Gnomon course about environments in UE4. Every topic is discussed about for a few minutes, tutorial is incredibly shallow and I didn't learn pretty much anything new. And that's not a first time I've seen this from Gnomon Workshop. Things like "oh I just used these sliders because they make it look cool" should not exist in a professional, paid courses. Yeah, that is a guarantee of a high quality you're paying for. Good job.
Not the OP you're arguing with, but can I get taht list of good channels from yt?
>You're pathetic. What is this shitposting, then?
t. manchild who can't handle losing an argument.

>I went through hundreds of tutorials
Whoa, you spent all that time? Thanks for proving my point, dumbass.
Unfortunately, not everyone is a greasy haired mushroom like yourself, who invests countless hours scouring though youtube tutorials in order to find the good ones, and still doesn't have a way of knowing the quality ones, as much as you'd like to believe you do.
4 year user here
its not hard indenifying good youtube tutorials. not at all. the problem started when blender guru started to dilute the free tutorials market with shitty 1 hour tutorials, he provided shit 15 mins of info in a 2 hours video.
By all means, explain your thought process when it comes to distinguishing the good tutorials for the bad ones.
>Whoa, you spent all that time?
Hahahah, I knew you'll focus on this one. No, I spent a lot of hours because I was learning a lot, but that time was not wasted on searching for good stuff.

>t. manchild who can't handle losing an argument.
Yeah, you're definitely that guy from the last thread, exactly the same arguments and you still just negate what I say. I like how you didn't have anything to say when I mentioned how a lot of Gnomon Workshop (PAID and supposedly professional and high quality) tutorials are subpar and worse than what you can find on YT.

Sure, copy paste of a post from a previous thread:
(I'll reply in the next post, since it's long)
>Tor Frick
>Gleb Alexandrov
>Unreal Engine
>Denis Keman
>Mograph Plus
>Michael Pavlovich
>Mind Games Interactive
>Dean Ashford
>Fabrice Bourrelly
>Gnomon (!)
>The 3D Tutor
>Mike Hermes
>Remington Graphics
>Matthew Palaje
>Mathew Wadstein

Just to name a few of my YT subscriptions. Given the insults and the way you write, I know you will still say that you win. I didn't want to bother with writing a lengthy post specifically for this reason, but fuck it.

All of them are on the same level of an average Gnomon Workshop course. And I'll mention some paid courses which I think are not worth it.

>Creating Believable 3D Environments: The Making of "Unmystified" with Seth Thompson

... Ok, I don't have enough time right now to search for them because I forgot the names, but a lot of archviz and UE4 interior tutorials from Lynda, Digital Tutors, Udemy, Udacity are really bad, and you can even see from their renders that they look amateur as fuck. I just mentioned this tutorial from Gnomon Workshop where the guy had really disorganized content, didn't start from scratch and half of his videos were usually sped up workflows with some disgusting fantasy metal music or whatever.

Oh, and some more from Gnomon - those courses that teach you texturing in Quixel/SP and what not - they are literally nothing better than the free courses you can watch on quixel and Allegorithmic YT channel. They don't provide any more details and explanations you can't learn from other places for free. And I also watched some Zbrush tutorials from Gnomon Workshop, also didn't learn anything I couldn't learn from people like Michael Pavlovich and similar. I can continue, but I feel you still won't change your mind, so I at least hope some lurker will find this list useful.
>Hahahah, I knew you'll focus on this one
Because you know I'm right.

>No, I spent a lot of hours because I was learning a lot
A lot of worthless shit, yes.

>but that time was not wasted on searching for good stuff
You don't even know what good stuff is, and still haven't elaborated on it.

>Yeah, you're definitely that guy from the last thread
Whatever helps you sleep at night, I don't even remember. Either way, you're clearly very stupid.

You're even samefagging here >>589190
Doesn't get any sadder.
I'm not samefagging, I replied to another guy with a copypaste of my old post from a previous thread. Try reading more carefully next time.

Whatever to you too, I don't care nor want to "convince" you of anything. I know there are lots of good and easily findable tutorials on YT and paid subscriptions are not that necessary, especially not for the beginners. I even created a list showing that. I wasted a lot of time downloading and watching shitty Lynda, Udemy, Udacity and Gnomon Workshop tutorials and I can just say I'm happy I didn't actually pay for them, because they are just not worth any money.
i skip to the final result, i skip to the middle. i see what the guy is doing.

if he is stuttering alot like ummm or uhhhh. or whats this brush for? im not watching it.
i always recommend people that are certified by the blender foundation. but cg-geek and tutor4u have really cool free content.
if you really want to do high quality stuff like short films and vfx, there is no other place other than CGcookie. for modeling/unwrapping/general blender stuff youtube is A okay.
>Whatever to you too, I don't care nor want to "convince" you of anything
You clearly do, which is why you're trying so desperately. Trying and failing.

>I know there are lots of good and easily findable tutorials on YT
You still haven't explained your method for deducing what's good and what isn't. You keep producing your shitty list like anyone cares, but at the end of the day, you're just a pleb who doesn't even know what good workflow techniques are.
If you're already knowledgeable in 3DCG, you could notice fairly quickly if the person knows what he is doing. It's not like you come completely clueless, you're just possibly looking for some new technique.

You can fast forward and look at the end result and see if it is worth watching.

And it's not like that one day you decide you want to start learning 3D and you immediately buy a bunch of tutorials. No, you check out some communities or stickies with neat lists of sources that will be a good starting point. Just, like, ask on a forum for a starter guide, there is no time wasted.
I agree with you for the most part.

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