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>people on /3/ say AI will revolutionize cg
>no one belives them
>they haven't seen the latest GAN paper

Wake the fuck up.

>>2D image generation
GTFO not for /3
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AI will revolutionize everything, that's the point of it.
everyone will be out of work, then the wars will start
if everyone's out of work because machines are doing everything for free. Then why would you need money to pay for anything?
trust me on this one, AI never ends well.
>implying future
If machines are doing everything for free then what is the incentive to continue to create and provide them, and how do they generate profit? It's a quandary no one knows how to address and will be very dangerous
The foundry is actually working on introducing machine learning to improve denoising in nuke, amongst other things. So yes, I think theres some truth to an AI revolution, though its probably going to be more conventional than expected.

>trust me
>t. random Anon on a mongolian throat singing forum
Post your arguments or GTFO.
>What are tools
>What is the industrial revolution
>What is electricity
>What is a computer
Occupation does not stop existing because of sudden abundance in efficiency, it just shifts somewhere else.
the point is that it looks real, so it could replace current cg
> t. anon who knows nothing about AI or computers in general

AI tools will make CG even better and increase demand for CG artists.
I’m looking at the faces fully zoomed and I still can’t beleiev that it’s caught up so much. Photorealistic still CGI has been with us for a few years now but this quality is fucking fantastic. Can’t wait for the photorealistic CGI video at 120 FPS in VR.
Basic universal rents and the way to get on a higher social "rank" and more money would be by getting into engineering to maintain and improve that AI and machinery

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