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File: 150712939870.png (41 KB, 455x410)
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>muh photorealism faggots runing the industry trying to make photorealistic garbage
>meanwhile the NPR side is left out to stupid japs who can't code making shit tier obsolete tools
when western companies will give a fuck about making 2D animation with 3D software that doesn't look like shit.

look how paperman tech is more impressive than your generic AAA hollywood garbage and people like it more, but nobody gives a fuck about improving NPR tech.

Fuck this shit, fuck you and kys.
>art fag can't handle the business end of things
the thread
the game
Non-ironic bump, ignore OP's autism. Does anyone in here actually do any significant NPR stuff? Hard mode: no anime. What's your tool pipeline?
lol not sharing shit homeboy,its each man for his own.
I figured out a workflow in Cinema4D a while back that didn't rely on the cel shader and was fairly customizable, but it was for animeshit.
fugg off

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