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Allright faggots, not seen much activity on this board but sometimes some good peeps drop in, so im starting a thread.

What are your thoughts on this productionspecific app/plugin/sdk.
Anyone that has tested it ?
im gonna apply for it i think, but i was wondering if people have any hands on experience with inhouse tools like it, or have directly tried it, etc.
lastly, any alternatives around ? or better tools in general to help with productionpipelines.


there are more videos that explain it fairly well for those that havent seen anything related to this.
My thoughts are that Houdini 16.5 will have something similar that can be made into a setup for more flexible than InstaLOD
i have never used houdini, any quick rundown on that shit ?
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>Quick rundown
Do you need to do the rigging all over after optimizing meshes ?
>le houdini meme again
get it straight - houdini only has particles and even then, biFrost in maya is 10x better and industry standard
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Is cause of your retardation genetical, or did your mother suffer blunt force trauma during pregnancy?
>frogposting on /3/
>calling someone else retarded
>he still thinks biFrost is the industry standard

He's talking about this bit:
whoops, that didn't work. Just skip to 1:41
All Auto LoD tools I've used have been pretty shit, ruining topology and turning everything into a mess. From the wireframes on that gun barrel (can't even really see them well) this one doesn't seem much better either. A cylinder needs to go from 16 sides to 8 sides, not randomly weld whatever vert is closest.

Still, LoD is time consuming monkey work and it's a pain in the ass to do on complex models so any 1-button click automated tool that produces acceptable results is 10x better than manually collapsing edge loops.

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