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noob Blenderfag here. I heard this software is not really great right out of the box. Any advice/must have tutorials or must have plugins I need before I get started?
blender guru has a tutorial series that is mint as fuck, plus you get a cool image and model out of it
Well, Blender ships with a TON of add ons, so I wouldn't say out of the box, you've just gotta activate them. Just start doing tuts on youtube, the after mentioned Blender Guru is a great starting point. If you want to get serious a CGCookie subscription is good, too. CreativeShrimp.com is also fantastic.

Have fun.
blender comes with over 100 plugins, just research them
>not really great right out of the box

That's just another way for all them haters to say they don't like the UI cause they're not used to it. 3dsmax requires way more plugins to get going.
Yeah! And you can upload it on /r/blender and get tons of upvotes!

Pro tip: follow all of his tutorials and combine everything together in one scene. /r/blender will go insane over it, trust me on that one. You will hit top page, and maybe even get to top of /all/, you never know. And who knows, maybe someone from Rockstar or Ubisoft will see your blender talent and want to hire you.
There is not one sane person that would like to work in the game/movie industry
You can't possibly be more wrong than you are.
i think you need to take a break

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