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Got myself this

Know about blender, fast, but feels empty.
Already feel good at maya,but i Also feel SLOW
MODO, don't like the idea about boolean, but already tried it and is not that odd.

What I'm up for?
learn to kitbash and work towards tor's speed
isnt it the late XSI?

Nonlinear workflows, easy modeling, FAST multithreaded everything.

Just get Softimage 2015 from Rutracker (I assume you're using the mod tool?). It's the best 3d software ever, period. The only thing that sucks is that it's going to be obsolete on future operating systems (just like Softimage 3d is today), and won't be usable anymore if .fbx ever gets replaced by another format.


What makes Softimage different than other packages?, I always hear hype about each package by their own users, but Softimage has kind of a good hype, i haven't seen yet anyone said anything bad about it, not even other program users.

Any interesting characteristics in xsi?

Its overall well programmed as in very little to no bugs, runs fast, tools do what you expect them to do and are well integrated (take for example deformers, you could apply a deformer, model on top and then turn it off model some more and turn it on and it would be just fine)

Its just solid, fast and stable overall, for example a 10m poly model choked my old PC in Maya but in XSI it ran at 60fps.

You could also look into Houdini since eventually Softimage2015 will be obsolete.

Well, i actually have a basic knowledge of Houdini, but for now let's try Softimage, since it's free, also is there a big difference in the subdivision modelling workflow?, Or stills being easy as some creses + smooth?

Thanks btw

Creases and smooth, use the + key to preview and model on the subd mesh.

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