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advice on human atonomy? does one follow it to create a identical movement or can one foul people by creating a more simple pattern, for example

High production movies or games

cartoonish movement tricks
like repeating cycles to give the feeling of running
>Most advance Armature?
For people that don't know what armature is
it's creating bones in blender and so on and so on
Studying anatomy already feels like a bitch. There's places like kenhub that offer a more modern SRS approach to it, but fuck me they're asking for 20 bucks a month for the privilege of using a prettied-up anki deck.

go to the pirate bay and download Eliot Goldfinger's Artistic Anatomy.

In Robert Beverely Hale's Lessons from The Great Masters, he says an artist must have a set of bones in order to grasp anatomy.

He's right. But he wrote that book in the '40s. You still need bones, but you can just use a digital ecorche.

I recommend Raphael Grassetti's ecorche.

Use that ecoche for reference to sculpt/model bones.

Use Eliot Goldfinger's book to learn about the bones.

Then use the book to learn about the origin and insertions of muscles.

The very first project you should do as an artist is build an ecorche.
How about animals? Do I nee to study groundhog anatomy for years before I can make one? Is there maybe some site with lots of anatomical reference sketches from all major sides?

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