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I was wondering why the novidya fags had been so quiet of late.........
Why does render in pic related look like trash?
You know it works with nvidia cards too, right...?

Also it's trash anyhow compared to Redshift, which funny enough, AMD cards can't run.
The funny thing is that it is trash compared to Cycles too, which makes it basically bottom-tier of renderers.
I love those paper stars on the roof. Great christmas setting.
because it was done with a fucking radeon and radeons are trash.
lol i just started CG a few weeks ago and tried endlessly to be able to render cycles on my amd gpu. couldn't do it. but I installed this the other day and suddenly I can render in 10% of the time. pretty neat/10
it's better than iray at least
Well, if it looks like shit, does it at least have expansive material customization like Cycle's node system, and good render speeds?

There's gotta be some reason to use it? Unless it's just plain not good yet.
Cover your wine barrels with 40 layers of wax for maximum protection.
That makes sense.

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