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i'm relatively new to 3d modeling/texturing (about 4 months now) and i'm getting to the point where it's annoying to try and dig up a good texture for every situation i need, plus having to generate normals/displacement/occlusion maps for each. is there a large texture library being passed around online or does everyone really buy all those individual textures?
Get: http://sauerbraten.org/
It's an FPS game but even if don't like it, if you download and unpack it, it comes with half a gigabyte of jpeg textures. Some have normal maps.
There are a few “large” libraries available, like from TotalTextures.com and GameTextures.com, if you register on CGPeers you can find them. There are also some renderer-specific libraries like for VRay, Corona, and so on.

While they’re nice for start, I’d suggest following up by investing time in texture painting and procedural textures, it’ll work out better in the long run because you won’t have to look for a certain texture anymore as you can just modify existing generators to make the variation you need, complete with all your support maps.

For example, if you make a fairly robust generator for roof tiles in Substance Designer, you may very well no longer need to search for relevant textures. Need different size or shape tiles? Just change the input nodes. Want a different color or finish? Just change the relevant nodes yet again. Want to add damage to your tiles? Plug in a node tree set up for roughing up the surface, add a different color/roughness to the damaged parts and you’re done.
You can also expose parameters to other programs, so for instance Max has built-in support for Substances, so when you load one in, all of the parameters you set up will be visible and you’ll be able to change them right there, without having to export/import anything.

It does mean more work up-front, which is why you’ll want to start with basic textures anyway, but at least there are a lot of Substance libraries available as well, and if you download them in .sbs you can see how they’re constructed and edit them, .sbsar files are compiled and can only be read from.
One instance in which you may want image textures is for scan-based libraries, there are a few of these floating around as well but the textures are enormous and you’ll practically want to get a seperate HDD just for storing them. Anything scan-based is of course the highest-quality, but you need a beefy system to make use of them.

One of the most comprehensive scan libraries is Quixel megascans, but as far as I’m aware, there just aren’t any places where you can get them, so the only option is really to just sign up for the service. Personally I’m happy enough with the Substance suite, I don’t have that much free space anyway.
>is there a large texture library being passed around online

Get a substance indie license, it's 20 bucks per months and you have substance designer which allows you to create your own textures from scratch (I couldn't live without this software), and also B2m (included in substance indie), which makes any diffuse/base color texture seamless and generates roughness/normals/AO/Height maps for you (you can of course adjust parameters yourself).
File: diamond28.jpg (45 KB, 600x743)
45 KB
Can I ask you guys something?
How would you call this texture?
I mean how would I go about searching for it?
The polygonal grooves on the device.
Your best bet's probably looking for "pattern" on texture sites.

why not create your own, use substance painter, or other various texture programs. i also find most of my textures while google searching shit. and anyting you find you can always create seamless in photoshop.
Looks like cell noise.
File: voronoiimpl[1].png (146 KB, 501x360)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
That is a voronoi pattern. Some 3d texturing/rendering programs have already nodes to generate them.
How do I make an alpha brush in GIMP?
Whenever I try to do it the edges are too hard.
File: vorobro.jpg (113 KB, 1600x598)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
I know you got plenty of help already on both threads but, huge coincidence, while working on my current project I found out you have a generator in ZBrush as well. Just a fun fact.

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