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You could just piss in front of a green screen. Always use the right tool for the task.
That splatter is no good, real uh...wallpaper paste yeah... clumps together
What kind of Material are you using to achieve that opaque at the thick parts yet translucent at the margins / thin parts look?
that's the mesh.
Yes, that's a mesh. But what material is he using. That's the question.
I usually just use the same physics I use for semen, not a lot of people can tell the difference.
that's actually a good advice
What kinda wallpaper are you trying to paste, anon?
Your problem if you use fucking Blender instead of Maya
>what is BiFrost for $500?
>No friction
>No stick on collision
>No surface tension
See, the problem with using a PBR workflow for wallpaper paste is that everybody's wallpaper paste is different.
Yours could be yellow, mine could be white, someone else's is pale and transparent.

Even further, that guy on /b/ that comes by every year around Christmas has almost a decade's worth of 2 liter bottles full of wallpaper paste, and they are ALL different.
File: 1164139335819.jpg (30 KB, 286x214)
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>has almost a decade's worth of 2 liter bottles full of wallpaper paste, and they are ALL different.

I stopped visiting /b/ in 2009 but holy hell, if it's really him and he's still doing this, this is impressive in a sad but also interesting way.
Why does it spread like its oil when it hits the gound?
Why would you keep wallpaper paste around in bottles for two decades? That takes keeping nail clippings in a jar to a whole new level of gross.
>for two decades?

>2009 was 20 years ago
Derp, I saw the number two and had a brain fart.

In my defense, I would say that any time keeping wallpaper paste in PET bottles, is already too much time.

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