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File: whatfirst-01.png (83 KB, 658x500)
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I tried to learn Houdini for my first 3d tool but modelling in this is too hard for beginner I think.
What is nice tool for modelling where i can export files later to houdini and make some random motion graphics? What about sketchup? It looks simply like adobe suite.
modo masterrace
Learn C4D, it's the easiest one to learn and it's good for motion graphics. Graduate to Houdini when you need it.
Houdini is actually easy as fuck because if you fuck up you can just go back to the node where you fucked up instead of spamming ctrl+z.
I think his issue is
>What is nice tool for modelling
and not that Houdini is just hard, objectively speaking it does suck for modeling because a lot of the time you don't need proceduralism for one-off models.

C4D is actually designed around motion graphics, so it's a good starter
Blender+Houdini is the patrician choice.

You can do anything with this two.
Houdini without Blender is even better.

start with Maya or 3dsmax if you want to go pro,
Blender if you want to be a hobbyist
Start with houdini if you want to not be a cuck
Maya is simple enough for the beginner and powerful enough for the professional.

DO TUTORIALS. Teaching yourself Maya (or pretty much any other program) will get you used to being retarded, so don't do that.
where did you even find a houdini torrent?
houdini apprentice is free
Literally every fucking site on the web about 3D apps.
>objectively speaking it does suck for modeling
No it doesn't. It's not as good as Modo, but it's on par with Maya or Max.
But i've tied looking everywhere my dude, im bad at finding results and browsers but no one has specifically houdini. Can someone help me? Im seriously interested
Go to sidefx and get apprentice, it's free, has all the features. Stop being lazy.
Dont listen to this retard >>590857
Got to the sidefx and get the free version and crack it to get everything

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