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So i was wondering: Are their any extracted models out their of the actual roads, buildings, streets, etc. of New mombasa in Halo3:ODST? All i found was the ODST model, but no terrain/map models. Does anyone know where i could get specifically the terrian?
This question very well might be above /v/s capabilities I'm afraid, anon. Try some modding sites, datamining communities and sculpturecrowd. I'd suggest the gmod community as well. The last time I was playing I saw tons of Halo stuff in the workshop.

Remember, /v/ is for shitposting and eternal suffering, not for constructive help. Keep that in mind next time, faggot.
How about you go back to /v you fucking faggot.
k. thanks for the help. cunts
Now this is fucking art, post more.
Go to halomaps forums and download adjutant. Lurk there and search for the Xbox map files for the various games and look at tutorials on how to extract them. It's simpler than it sounds
Download Adjutant (This extract assets from Halo .map files, most update version is
Download EXISO (This extracts 360 iso, get gui version)
Download a ODST game iso.
You may also need EMF import script. I only know it is available for 3ds max. If you use a other program you may be in bad luck.

Have a fun, and maybe show me what you done with it.

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