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it's some proposed blender sculpting functionality btw.
Holy shit, this actually looks amazing. Will they ever implement it?
Right after they implement this.
That's awesome. It kind of reminds me of shadowbox.
Duh I don't get the hate for blender, I've seen a few new features for the next big version and it's actually more impressive than the latest releases from 3ds max and Maya, almost makes me want to learn the software.
It isn't in Blender and before it is i would be very cautious with hyping yourself up.
Only a small fracture of stuff like this actually gets implemented.

There was a lot of hype about a new and useful Unwrap-algorithm which was actually shown on the last Blender conference.
Guess what happened.
The project was abandoned and the guy who was trying to do it now works for some other company.

There was a lot of hype about a new skinning method with nice self-collision.
Guess what - its abandoned.

You see the pattern?
you still get plenty of addons to each release
yeah..but not this bleeding edge stuff i just mentioned. It gets demo'd in Blender, then the Devs get bought out and next time its showing up is in a plugin for Max/Maya or Houdini.

Don't get hyped too early.
Same applies for all the other DCCs.

I am still waiting for the new sculpting tools for Maya they showed as a prototype 2 years ago.
>I don't get the hate for blender

The "hate" comes from
>people who prefer to use "industry standard" software, some for legitimate reasons (for example because their agency works with that software or they need functionality that blender does not have), others for "feeling pro" while using a fucking pirated version
>people who think free software always means trash and didn't even give it a try and people who blindly follow those opinions
>absolute starters who threw the towel before they even could move the camera because they didn't learn the basics first
>people who gave it a try a decade ago before the big UI change and insist on it still being horrible without checking again
>most likely also some who work for the established software houses and are annoyed about some percentages of their customer base going with blender instead

It is by default no perfect software for the price point it has it is fucking unbeatable.
Of course, if you intend to work at a AAA game corp some day it is probably smart to learn the software they use instead of Blender but it is wrong to think you can't switch to other Software after you used Blender for a while. It is only impossible if you're mentally challenged.

Every artist has to research about their tools and what fits them best.
You can do almost everything in Blender BUT depending on how you work or what exactly you're doing, you can be lucky and get things quicker done in Blender, you can also be fucking out of luck and spend A TON more time on something that could be done very quickly in other, paid software. For example Substance painter does everything it does thoroughly better than Blender, which is really limited compared to SP in that part. I mean, even in 2017 there's still no official PS-like texture layer functionality and the addons for that are either still in development or really buggy.

Personally, I enjoy working with it now while I absolutely HATED it back before the UI change in 2012.
what is this sorcery and where do i get ?
>most likely also some who work for the established software houses and are annoyed about some percentages of their customer base going with blender instead

They get paid whether some third-worlder is using Blender instead of pirated Max or not. Unless the CEO is posting here, nobody's going to give a shit about losing sales.
fwiw, all the "I'm hyper paranoid and out of touch and honestly believe anyone on 4chan gives a shit about 3D software sales" posts make me hate Blender more than any of that shit.
If you let random opinions of nameless people on the internet change YOUR opinion on things without own research, you're just a weak character
great for making retarded blobs I guess.
>implying all sculpting doesn't start out as a retarded blob
I have my own reasons for not using it. Any desire to shitpost about it is driven by most Blender users I come across both online and in real life/professional settings being out of touch and annoying, and this is why my colleagues, employers and former college instructors are all willing to rail on Blender whenever it's brought up.
That's the "hate" we're talking about, right? It's not just because I don't use it. I don't use C4D and I don't have any desire to debate all the non-annoying C4D users and there's plenty of non-industry-standard software that doesn't get heat because its users don't pop into random discussions to say "Hey, [this software] is better than what you're talking about actually! FOSS 4 LYF!" or get into heated debates when they're told their software doesn't fit into professional pipelines.

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