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Hey /3/
I'm no frequent visitor here, im more of an /ic/ guy. I recently asked an acquaintance of mine to render me a test of 3D shapes in foam (pic rel). He demanded a price I consider a bit ridiculous for that type of task... Is this worth a 200EUR of work? How much time would you spend on this task? He said he worked two days and didn't use any default textures, which is why it cost so much...
that's 10 eur maximum
Render is low quality and honestly the foam shader isn't that great either, there's not even any displacement. It looks like fucking asphalt. I make shit like this in my free time and often don't even save the results. You acquaintance should at least use photo reference.
Hey anon, do you have a portfolio? We're so pressed on time with this stuff, we need someone ASAP

i started learning blender recently and i could do better than this already...

200 eur is a lot of money, can you hire me?
Leave a portfolio and if we like it we might hire you.
Took me less than a minute moving at a sloth-like pace to add the primitive shapes in Blender and bevel the cube and cylinder and then subdivide it all.

Finding someone's foam or foam-like texture off Blendswap or BlenderArtists or w/e would take as long as my internet connection makes it take.

Then for rendering at 1600x900? I don't know, 10 minutes on my laptop?

Sorta thing I'd just do for a friend for free if it was just a rare request and not a stream of renders they wanted.
> ITT OP trolls for 3d autists
Like moths to a flame.
>I don't know, 10 minutes on my laptop?
More like 5 seconds nigga.

some materials are hard to make. but this one is not that hard.
you can do it with some nodes but a more complex material will require substance designer
I would say it's time to demote him from "acquaintance" to "guy I used to know".
He's a jew.
I can't believe what I am reading. You have to be trolling. It isn't worth almost anything and even then this looks bad, with shitty material and horrible lighting.

>3 default shapes with a foam material

What do you even need this for?

Bait/10 for sure.
2/10, made me reply.

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