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what if I want to make a deliberately shit animation. I dont care what software so long as the outcome looks horrible!
Which can I use and then distribute.

The Q&A seemed more intune with people making nice work XX
Why would you waste so much of your precious time on producing literal trash, though? Don't you have higher ambitions?
Its for a Q&A about a commission I received,
Iv directed nice animations, made none myself

I also think theres something lovely about terrible animation
Fair enough. I only know about this guy, not sure what he uses, I think it's Blender. I have to admit it is kinda addicting for some reason.

thanks man! I think even shit is only naive when its put into animation!

looks too good? I mean i dont mind the worst of the childish
stop fucking posting stone age neural net abominations
why does it hurt you so?
suppose really anything, just don't use it well. maybe also use old daz models for humans and props.

diff poster but i reckon we had similar experiences: seen kinda bland deep dream stuff all over my corners of the internet, even long after it lost any charm or uniqueness. plus glitch art forums and subreddits are already typically full of trash but at the time they were full of trash and samey smushes of features like the OP pic.
if you want shit results, /3/ is the perfect place for you!

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