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Hey /3/. Had this issue before but never figured out a solution

Sometimes when I make objects I can't get clean, unwarped uv's without seams in places that make the texture not match up to itself.

This is the lower part of a bun I'm making for a female character and the lines represent the flow of her hair.

In method 1 I've cut the seam in the top part of the bun leaving the rest of the object with a seamless texture and I can live with that. However, the uv's don't have room to relax properly making the texture wavy and inaccurate.

In method 2 everything is flattened and relaxed but I have seams that are undesirable and break up the flow of the texture. [The texture I put on it is a quick example I did that could be more accurate but would still show seams.

Is there a common method to fix something like this that I just never learned about?
For one, why are you mapping it to a cube. Change the topology to match what you are trying to do. Second, you texture after you map the uvs. Maybe find a method to remap your old textures to the new uvs, but your workflow was messed up from the start so I don't know how much help you can expect.
one seam...along one side that keeps the whole thing in one solid piece

I didn't map it as a cube. I stitched everything together and it ended up looking like a cube unwrap because that's the best I could figure.
The textures aren't important at this point. The black lines are guidelines for the hair. What I'm asking is how would I typically unwrap this to get optimal results.

Can't do it with just one seam on one side of the object or it'll distort like option 2 shown above
Just cut down the middle connecting top and bottom
Maybe try cylindrical unwrap

Besides, it's just a bun, who cares?

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