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I've been using wings 3D, wanting to experiment with an easy CG modeling tool. Following a youtube tutorial, it shows the use of a "circularise" tool that is supposed to appear with this radial menu... except it doesn't. Anyone here who uses 3D wings know how to access that tool?
I started with Wings 3D too, moved to Blender. I don't remember how to do the thing you want, you probably need to be in Vertex select mode

If you decide to move to Blender (it's way more fleshed out, has lots more built in, way more documentation, etc etc than Wings3D), there's no "move along target edge" instead you use Magnet (hold Ctrl to toggle) set to Face or Vertex.
Wings is great as it's based upon Mirai/Nendo. It's very intuitive to use and beats Maya/Max easily. Especially for mechanical and lower poly characters etc... Then you can import your model to other software and subdivide it, rig it and so on.
But of course you need to select the software for task at hand though.

Is it average vertices?
>If you decide to move to Blender
you'll be making a mistake.
Just like the mistake your parents made by having you. ;^)
Just like the mistake you made when you joined the Blender zombie cult.

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