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File: filmikwebm (1).1.webm (1.89 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.89 MB WEBM
I have to make portfolio for studies but I wanted to learn it more there so now im worried because i can't make any good stuff. Will I be able to entry studies with for example this shit i made today? Also i will upload more 1 day stuff then cuz i have not to much time. (3d model is not mine)
im newfag maybe i should post it on /gd?
Any other forums where I will get reply earlier?
Quit the industry pajeet, shit like that wont bring you anywhere
man i'm learning 1 for month
What did the Poo mean by that?
fuck you guy India is great country
What programs did you use for that? Yeah, try asking on /gd/ as well, why not. I can't say if this is good enough or not though, since I don't know what is their standard.
i meant i'm learning stuff like this about 1.5 month
only after effects and plugin to load .obj file element3d
i tried to fix it, still i must improve speed
colors on my computer seems ok yt fucked it up
The only thing you will achieve with that shit is that people will laugh about you.
Blame it on Youtube as much as you like, but there is not much YT can fuck up since it is already fucked right from the beginning.
And WTF is that sound and why is it there?

Your problem is you literally have no taste and cannot see how bad it is...
It there is too much contrast or too dark video then yt fucks i think. Tell me what is most fucked cuz i have no taste so idk. And thanks for attention I appreciate it
I think that dude is way too harsh, but whatever. I haven't done any VFX so I can't give a good feedback on that, but I can on video editing. What do you expect from your audience to see in that video? I had to pause to see anything on screen, it's like 1.5 seconds long. Okay, you showed your materials you worked with, but I don't have a good view of the end result. Do something about it, slow it down, make the shot longer and give it some time before the spaceship zooms through it or something like that, I don't know.

Btw, do you have something else? What do you have to show in your portfolio?
I am not too harsh, the whole concept of the shot is bad, badly done and not salvage-able.
Do something like this and you might have a chance of succeeding.
Yeah, this is a good reference. I don't know, the scene visually seems fine for a beginner IMO, but I don't know what the standards are, I didn't have to show any portfolio in my college. But the shot itself and camera angle ARE bad.
I fixed some sky, camera, and animation issues.
Still I have to repair mask on stars and give more time in the beginning of shot. Shadows behind tie fighters are visible enough, what about colors, still too dark??
But... The final version is different and darker than the scene you end up with in your breakdown. Video editing is also rough (that cut at 0:08 though - perfect example of what not to do). I prefer the OP version where the spaceship flies from right to left, but it is still too tiny and fast. The shot is so short I'm still barely able to understand what is happening there. I don't know how could you fix it anymore... Why don't you try working on something else for a change? How much time do you have left?
If you recognize that the shot itself and the camera angle is bad, why do you still waste time on it?
That post wasn't from the OP, that was me
rough cut fixed I think
I will abandon it at this https://youtu.be/J4QEnbdnO2U
My noob eye see only blur too fix and some duration problems
Then I can post some motion graphics that I will create but Im not sure it's the right board
I liked the original better I've never tried doing what you're doing. But in the original is there a way to slow the model down and follow it by panning the camera with it for a second then speeding it back up and off into the distance. giving it a little booster flash too would be pretty slick imo.

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