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Any tips for making a desecrated interior?
water stains.
splits in the wood paneling.
mouse holes/critter droppings.
graffiti. the bad kind. (ghetto tags/pentagrams/tags over top of other tags in a different color/some half assed political statement like "meat is murder" or "nazi punks fuck off")
cigarette butts/cigarette packs.
beer cans.
snack wrappers/empty potato chip bags
broken sconces on wall going up the stairs.
and the requirement of a broken screen door.
Hijacking the thread for a moment since I just wanted to ask about something related:

What's the fast way of modeling tons of literal trash? Like dirty, squashed plastic bottles, cardboards, beer bottles, plastic bags and a few dozen of similar objects I can scatter around. Is there some generator for meshes like that so I can just texture them or something free? Because I kinda don't believe anyone would pay much attention to it and modeling and sculpting all of it would take days and days.
You generate one of each type of mesh, and then you clone them out over a plane in a chaotic manner and then you bake it
I know how to clone them, but it is still time consuming as fuck to create some shit. Fug I'm probably just lazy.
I bet if you modelled a beer bottle you could boolean it into several different pieces of trash. Various glass shards, different identifiable beer bottle pieces like the neck and base.

I would have thought this would be a common enough problem to solve that there would be an article online about how to quickly make some trash or clutter for videogames but either it isn't or I'm just awful at using the right search terms.

For a bag I think that since it's just trash and anyone looking closely at trash in models isn't going to expect much, just make a blob in the general shape with some ridges for where it bunches up and valleys where it collapses and then don't even fuckin worry about topology for static trash objects, decimate and triangulate who cares.
Grime and rust will accumulate in corners and inside edges similar to ambient occlusion. Also moisture makes it grimier and rustier.

If you put a water stain or leak on the ceiling, make a puddle or stain underneath it on the floor.

Sweep the dirt and dust around where there's big open holes like an open window or open door like wind moved around the dirt.

Different UV map for stamping stains and grunge from a big atlas texture. There's a better word that describes this but I can't think of it at the moment lol. Decals? That might be it.

I'm sure you could find some photos of houses in need of repair rather than abandoned so you can see how things look after not being taken care of over a couple years and not straight up abandoned so you can see what goes first.

There's an old country-lookin church down the road that was abandoned before I was born, trying to remember how it changed over 20 or so years I can remember. The door hinges failed and they kind of hang at an angle, then they fell off. Plants grew in through the back door. The linoleum came loose. Someone brought a mattress in. Trash kind of congealed with dirt, dust, and rain making a sort of mud resulting in a big chunk of garbage. The small stage fell in. A hole somehow formed in the roof, and then it slowly started to bend inward and collapse like a wet cardboard box in the rain.
>Any tips for making a desecrated interior?
Yeah, it's a pro tip that applies to literally everything you'll ever do in 3D: look at the real thing.
Find pictures of abandoned buildings, urban blight, crack houses, squatter tenements, falling down homes, vandalized buildings, etc.

>What's the fast way
Buy other people's models, hire a team of people to make models, hire another studio.

>Fug I'm probably just lazy.
Yes, you are. Studios have a library of reusable assets, you either need to make your own or buy / steal your own.
You should also be working on your own personal library of lighting setups, materials, meshes (example: eyeballs, hair), textures (such as decals), and any other reusable assets.

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