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Currently trying to make a certain creature but i do have a few questions:
>how can i mirror these limbs
before constructing them i tried applying the mirror modifier on them which did fuck all even though other times it works out well.
>how can i attach a mesh to another into one seamless model for animation
i know that its simple to make two objects into one mesh, but actually attaching them together down to the edges concerns me for im afraid of destroying the topology.
>tips for simpligying geometry?
i applied subdivision modifiers to the model so to get a feel as to how it would look, but with all those faced im conscerned animation would be absolute hell.
File: file.png (54 KB, 256x201)
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this is the creature i am trying to bring to 3d
>how can i mirror these limbs
why would you mirror something after you model it? the mirroring happens before you start modeling.
>how can i attach a mesh to another into one seamless model for animation
just better modeling skills will solve this. organic shapes usually don't require more meshes to be added
>tips for simpligying geometry?
subdivide a cube, start with level 1 and after you made your initial block move up to 2
subD modeling is a skill in itself you need to practice more.

and in general all of your problems can be solved by watching more tutorials.
The mirror modifier uses the object's origins to mirror so make sure that it is centered. Use shift+s to set the 3d cursor to center and then shift+ctrl+alt+c to set the object origin to the 3d cursor.

Shift select the two objects and press ctrl+j to join them. Just focus on keeping a clean edge flow for the topology, it shouldn't be terribly difficult given how it looks in the image you provided.

You don't need to apply a subsurface modifier on a mesh that is intended to be animated, you can just keep it as a modifier if you don't need the extra topology for shape keys or something. You can also use the simplify settings in the scene tab to reduce the subdivisions across the entire scene if things start to lag.

You don't need to worry too much about simplifying the topology as long as the model deforms properly, however if it is a concern you can always just throw some bones together and test the model to see if everything goes smoothly
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so far i have managed to make duplicates of limbs by coppying each limb, then using ctrl+m while specifying the x axis to flip the limbs. then i just made the location's x value negative and bobs your uncle its been solved.
now i would like a vertict on whether i should fuse all the limbs onto the body or should i set up armature with the limbs seperated? this creature is suppoed to be an inky black so im not too worries about mesh seams (implying i know how to make textures yet)
but i also want to make sure its organic.
oh and further more, if you take a look at my reference image:>>586600
the creature has an x shaped mouth. i have an idea on how to make this happen by extruding the 4 faces around the very tip of the model's head, but rigging it will be something new for me.
File: file.png (480 KB, 1920x1200)
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480 KB PNG
my theory seemed to be valid as i have an open mouthed creature yay
File: file.png (429 KB, 1920x1200)
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429 KB PNG
hmm, ctrl+j seems to be causing one of the arms to render strangely comparted to the other one
Recalculate normals.
How do you not know this?
im still very new
one last question: is there a way to extrude bones 4 ways?
for the mouth section?
You can extrude them one at a time from the same parent bone, but not all at once.
looks like uncut dick with hands
why not just sculpt the little fucker?

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