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Tell me, what are the strengths and weakness of Unity, in regard of making 3D models for the engine?
>easy to write code in
>easy to access assets and different elements
>accepts wide range of formats
>easy to implement animations and shaders

>default shaders are terrible,instead of making a multi-functional shader. they made 20 different ones instead.
>lightning is pretty bad
>post effects are none existent
>the camera controls are junk, to the point where it cripples your workflow
I've heard that there is a free asset that includes many post effects and it's almost a must, but I haven't tested it myself.

Also, weren't they recently making a more broad shader?
Literally Wat to this post

There is one multifunctional shader, it's called the standard shader and is for PBR workflows. Not amazing but good enough

>lightning (sic)
There's nothing inherently wrong with unitys lighting. It isn't the engines fault you can't light for shit

Literally Google unity post stack github. Or just get it straight from asset store in editor. Unlike ue or ce in unity you actually have to import these and enable them they are not on by default

>camera controls
What are you even talking about? In the editor, play mode? A camera is just a component attached to a gameobject that can be manipulated the same as any other

Unitys real problems are shit light baking and ancient terrain tools
>lightning is pretty bad
post discarded
you didn't refute anything i said.

>but I haven't tested it myself.
come back when you actually used it

the lightning looks better, what else you want me to say? i can even tell apart a unity and UE4 game if you just give me 20 minutes
>i can even tell apart a unity and UE4 game if you just give me 20 minutes
you can program anything to look like anything if you understand how shaders work m8

you're not one of those preset babby idea guys are ya?
i don't understand how shaders work and i can still tell engines apart by just looking.
>i don't understand how shaders work
so you're an idea guy.
I refuted every point you made actually but let's not let that get in the way Eh

Take a look here

Git gud
you said i don't understand how shaders work, so i agreed with you because you are trying to force that notion.
protip: look at ue4 base shader and tell me the unity shader isn't a joke

you didn't refute shit. by camera i mean the camera controls. you constantly have to re-focus on your objects otherwise you will lose sight of them.
every asset you import lands at a random location based on some exporting options, unity is not capable of having quick views or focus views. it goes back and forth like a 1000 units each time you scroll. there is a way to make it better but that would be an excuse at that point.
>protip: look at ue4 base shader and tell me the unity shader isn't a joke
You dont know anything about shaders. You are a 0/10 trol

Butthurt Unity faggot detected. Load a 3d mesh inside Unreal and then import it inside Unity. It will look flat and boring in Unity due to the crappy shadders. The difference is huge.
Have you tried pressing "f"?

Or does focus means something different now, like the selected object being in a vacuum or something?
>Have you tried pressing "f"?
>you constantly have to re-focus on your objects

your level of smugness is out of this world. pay attention to what pay write and maybe you will learn something yourself
>you don't know anything about shaders
your cookie cutter response shows that you know absolute shit
>he uses the default unity shader
lmao. you're supposed to write your own shaders you monkey.
the default shader is trash. everyone knows this.
UE4 desperately puts tons of tonemapping and post effects by default to hide the shitty look. The same effects exist in Unity as well but they're just not that insecure about giving people an empty plate and letting them choose whatever they want.
You seem to be too retarded for technical stuff but they both use the same surface shader model.
>in regard of making 3D models for the engine
it's not a 3d modeling program.
the tools for making models is extremely limited and until it gets a massive overhaul (read as: not happening) it's better to import your models into unity.
For the engine. For, not in. For. As in, making models in other programs that are intended from the beggining of their creation to be used in Unity.

They could at least, if not shove it in our faces, point that they exist somewhere. You know, let people know that stuff.
Nah, it's a good filter for lazy devs that don't care about making their game look good. If you do even just a little bit of research they're easy as shit to find.
Then why does most stuff made with UE4 look better than Unity stuff if its so easy to implement these "filters".
more triple "aaa, actually know hoe to code shaders" people in companies that use ue4.
Also worth mentioning that the engine doesn't come with a decent chunk of tools that engines like UE4 and Cryengine have.

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