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What is the best software for environment creation? Things like terrain, cities mountains rocks cliffs oceans etc. etc. I saw some good shit created with Blender


I also have Maya and Zbrush but dunno what is the best for that
Doesn't matter, Maya is perfectly fine for a main 3D modeling program. You'll use Zbrush for sculpting details on high-poly meshes. You'll use it to sculpt rocks and boulders. You'll use it for sculpting details on leaves and tree trunks. You can use SpeedTree if you don't want to model trees from scratch. You will use WorldMachine to generate huge terrains. You can play with photogrammetry and generate rocks, trees and whole small scenes from the real world. I think Houdini has some plugin that can generate a whole city. That can also be done with some Python scripts I think. You can use Substance package for texturing. You can make your own textures in Substance designer or you can use some premade ones from places like Megascans and Poliigon. You could also use models done with photogrammetry from Megascans.

Forget World Machine. Houdini 16 has all the important tools for terrain building.
The ones I'm aware of are World Machine in combination with Terragen or Vue.
Bryce you fuknuggets
how good is houdini with creating terrains? all the google images look like shit

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