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How is Blender for simulations that aren't fluids and smoke so for things like destruction ragdoll etc.? Of course i know Houdini is the best but i wonder how good can a free software get.
this area of blender is unexplored but to my knowledge there is a simulation guy called "blender sensei" on youtube and he shows cool tricks on how to use the simulation effects. he focuses mostly on rigid body stuff.
to my knowledge all of the simulation stuff isn't done through the node editor so it isn't the best
Well if you don't mind a watermark in the bottom corner, Houdini Apprentice is free. And if it's just for learning/personal stuff that shouldn't be a problem.
I have houdini. I just wanted to know how good Blender is, i saw some decent simulations in it.
Try this: Get some asset of house and make camera. Zoom the camera on window. Replace the window with preshattered model and turn it into rigid bodies. Shoot a small sphere through the window and watch it shatter.

Make simple scene and do it in both houdini and blender. It involves couple of problems - how to create preshattered geo in convincing way, how to setup simple rigid body simulation with colliders.

That's your most basic destruction workflow which is still used in feature films. Try to do it in Blender first and then in Houdini.
>this area of blender is unexplored but to my knowledge
then let me enlighten you.
Pretty good
there's bullet physics, cell fracture, and some other addons you can find if you are more particular in what you are looking for.

>this area of blender is unexplored
it's not. researchers are working with tools like blender and openfoam to write papers and solve problems with rigid bodies among many other things. there are some more papers but I don't have them on hand.


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