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So i dont really know which board to go for this but idk i'll start or post here i guess.
Basically im looking for a game dev or someone who is working in the gaming industry (indie/mobile/triple a whatever), im a student who's been tasked to contact and visit some game company in london/uk but i'm a total shitter to actually go and visit companies so im hoping if i can find someone who works in games (art/3d field) if we can meet up and just talk about softwares, games, what it's like to work, etc. I dont want to ask for a job or make them look at my work or anything i just want to talk, maybe get the name/artstation/contact to confirm for my task for uni.
I dunno i dont want to sound weird. If anyone fits the role and doesnt mind meeting up with some student in a public location for like 30 min we can exchange emails. I'll even buy food/drink for you if you wanna meet at a pub or something, i think company visit is a bit too much idk, kinda wanted to skip this entire thing but i think im being graded on this..
That's why networking is important.
Yea im bad with networking.. i enjoy doing this but lack in being social, i'm thinking of not working in the games industry because of this struggle.
make a business card and go to conventions.

it might seem like the internet connects everyone, but actually the majority of positions never get to the internet
>Lack of social skills
>Career in the industry

pick one

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