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Happy 14th Birthday, 4chan!

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hey /3/ im new to modeling and i use 3ds max, any tips for a newfag.
Work hard and follow a bunch of tutorials (both free and paid, CGpeers is your friend). Don't be one of those guys who think they can figure everything out by themselves and then make a huge pile of unfixable shit and post it here for everyone to laugh at. You'll just waste your time that way. Be efficient.
Save all your renders to some kind of external source so that you won't lose them / delete them. You can and SHOULD mark it private or Scraps or whatever so people don't see it, since it'll be shit and likely 90% stuff from tutorials.
That way a year from now you can look back and realize how far you've come.

If you feel like tutorials are "paint by numbers, I'm not learning anything" you're wrong, you are learning it's just that you're only learning say 15% or 25% of what the tutorial has you doing but you ARE learning.
Some people say you should improvise and deviate from the tutorial, I think you should only do that if / when you revisit the tutorial. You've got to learn the fundamentals before you can improvise.

Nothing is intuitive, only familiar. Don't expect to get much done by "messing around", you're going to have to do tutorials or read documentation. It's good to practice the things you've learned, and it can be educational to stumble around for a bit but if you don't even know the names for the problems you're having, it becomes extremely hard or impossible to find out what you need to learn. That's why you've just got to stick with ever bigger and more complex tutorials.

This is a pro tip from an artist at Pixar: If you're going to show someone something you're working on, either show them at the most preliminary stages or at the end stages; anything in an in-between state will be judged as if it were a final product.

If you do show someone you made from a tutorial, CREDIT THE TUTORIAL AUTHOR SO THAT OTHER PEOPLE CAN LEARN TOO. Seriously, it's fine if you didn't pay for the tutorial, just give them credit so that they can get other students.

Stick with it, it's fun and rewarding. If you get frustrated you're either learning something tough, so stick with it (or try a different video), or you're trying to do something you're not ready for and you know in your heart you skipped ahead.

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