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It's time to start a new thread.

Some good new videos are now available on UE's YT channel. Check out this one about lighting, I needed something like this so much a while ago, but it is still extremely useful.


I also have one question, maybe somebody will know the answer - how can I make my deferred decals have smooth and faded edges?
Do you think Unreal will ever be good at rendering realistic forest environements? It has some of the most realistic interiors along with foxengine but the outdoors are trash (compared to Cryengine and Frostbite). I wish they would put more effort on that.

If you havent, check out koola:

Why can't I tessellate my ground plane properly? I followed a tutorial, but it doesn't want to make more triangles after about 0.2 and that's way too low. I don't get it why it suddenly stops and doesn't want to tessellate any more. I'm tessellating a single-polygon plane from 3ds max, is that proper way of doing it? I even tried with turbosmoothed version of it, but it doesn't make any difference.
Nvm, figured it out. The plane did need more polygons and it worked when I reimported it again, because every polygon has a tessellation limit.
I'm trying to make a rain with particle system, but no matter what bounds I set, in the scene my rain stays in the same position and always falls in a tiny area. I also can't see it from every angle for some reason, only from one side and when I look directly at it. Wtf is that and how to fix it?

This was always a problem for me too. The trick is to attach the particle system to the player camera so that you can always see it. In previous UE4 versions you could resize the particles to make them cover your whole level, but it stopped working starting from 4.14/4.15
Change your sprites' material to two-sided in the material editor
That would defeat the purpose of lightmass. I dont see how they could do really decent lighting for big outdoors scenes without making a totally new lighting system, or somehow combining both VXGI methods with lightmass.
Oh, cool, I'll try both of these. Yeah, totally forgot about double-sided material, although that still won't fix the fact that it keeps falling on 5 square meters of land. Attaching to a camera seems good, yeah. Didn't know it stopped working for the latest versions and ofc, there no new tutorials for it so I'd never figure that out.
Although when I think of it - what would happen if I go into some house and watch the rain from the inside? That method wouldn't work in that case, and even then, you would still notice that it is raining just around you, and far away there would't be any rain.
the snow one always got to me, read his workflow
takes alot of time but its well worth it
wonder when we will see this implemented in games.
Damn, didn't know he provides that scene for free. Gotta check it out, thanks for sharing.
Working on a toon shader that doesn't use Post Processing, doesn't modify any engine code, and has support for shadows despite using mostly Emissive properties.

There's still bugs that need to be fixed, but I hope to get them fixed soon.
File: FB_IMG_1508281998316.jpg (19 KB, 720x405)
19 KB
Shadows required me to use the forward renderer, because of course Deffered doesn't have support for grabbing just shadows.
File: FB_IMG_1508282020054.jpg (16 KB, 720x405)
16 KB
Only downside with this method is the artifacts with it, which could probably be fixed with some tweaks to the material function that I am using to handle shading and shadows.
how optimized is it
also, when is that fuckin arnage shader beeing implemented into the base engine, jesus fuck
On the level which the shadows are shown on the shapes, it runs at 300-500FPS with a GTX 1070 and an i5-7600k. At least that's what I could determine with the unlocked FPS counter flashing between different numbers.
Due to the way shader plugins work and how you can't replace any code in binary builds, probably never.

Also, Epic Games seems to be making the engine more modular, and came up with the excuse of the toon shader by Arnage bloating the engine.

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