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Zbrush is like drawing to make a 3d object right? Is there a program that let you create 3d objects with the use of some sort of controller or manipulators worn on your hands and you would sculpt 3d as if you were sculpting irl? Something like this, but without the whole VR thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf8sKAuzR0k

Is this doable in zbrush?
that takes far too long and looks like shit
Takes too long as opposed to drawing on a tablet? Maybe, but I want to find something that a traditional sculptor can more easily transition into. As for it looking like shit, it's a fairly new program on that VR platform which is why I'm wondering if there are any established programs like that already
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zBrush with a Cintiq is as good as it gets. Plenty of traditional sculptors transition. I sculpt traditionally too and yeah, the experience of working directly with the material and your tools can't be replicated on software.

I've seen pretty good stuff with that VR thing tho.
not yet.
i would wager some ar style shit in about 10 or so years that's functional and practical.
>10 or so years

Maybe for professional grade shit from autodesk and the like, but probably 5 or less for solid hobbyist packages.
i concur.
Who is Michelangelo of Zbrush?

And will 3D sculptors always be plebs compared to traditional sculptors? After all, you just make pretty images displayed on some pixels.
I don't think there's going to be one single person like that.

Michelangelo was one of very few people able to devote time to art and he used actual stone to sculpt, but nowadays there's a whole bunch of people that can spend time sculpting on a computer. There's bound to be thousands of people comparable to Michelangelo's skill when translated to 3D.
I sculpt on both mediums.
Let me just take a picture of a classic sculpture so it becomes a "pretty picture" on "some pixels". Wow, now even Michelangelo is a pleb! You dumb fuck. Yes I'm mad.
"One of the very few people able to devote time to art"

Realistic sculpting is a tradition going back thousands of years
Yeah and most people didn't have blocks of marble just laying around, or the time to sculpt or learn to sculpt since most people have jobs.

It requires an investment of time to get to Michelangelo skills with physical materials.
That "classic sculpture" still exists in a real world. Can't tell if trolling or not.
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>exists in a real world
So that's the value of an art piece for you? That's what makes someone a "pleb"? Why are you on a digital art board? Go buy a 3D printer.
No, it's also harder to create a realistic human model from marble than it is with a bunch of tools and plugins on your PC.

I unexpectedly got you mad, but I love it.
>without the whole VR thing
File: IMG_1620.jpg (1.92 MB, 3024x4032)
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The challenges are different for every medium, sculpting realistic humans isn't everything.

I am glad too, I feel alive.
I don't understand why he's mad, it DOES take skill to do digital art, but there's no undos in marble. You have to pay for the marble, you have to pay for individual tools and to replace them when they break. There's more planning that has to go into something like that, more ongoing monetary investment, more time. And anything made in a physical medium is bound by the laws of physics in ways 3D models aren't.

Digital art isn't easy, but it's an easier process.
This honestly looks worse than just using a tablet. Someone needs to develop gloves that can track all the movements of your fingers and relay it into a sculpting program.
It's existed for years in the industry but the controller's cost is prohibitive.
if you want to sculpt irl and send it to 3d then you should actually sculpt it irl, digitize it with a photogrammetry app and clean it up.

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