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Any good guides/tutorial/references for good female body topology geared towards animation?

I sculpted a stylized female body in Zbrush but I'm looking to retopologize it now. I googled it but there seems to be some different results in topology layouts.

Any good references for a good topology for the body?
This book seems good, if you can find it http://hippydrome.com/
I have the head figured out. Trying to find a good layout for the body.
>I googled it but there seems to be some different results in topology layouts
cause there isn't THE topology, there are many possible ways of doing it which entirely depend on what the model should be able to do.
Alright here's what you do:
Model your female body, just the shape. Don't worry about topo. Be quick. Then, use live surface and quad draw in maya or something similar, to retopo. Then you'd have all the time in the world to figure it out and adjustments are easily made. I really like this method of modeling, for things I've never done before.
I retopo faces with zremesher ) and I get animatable topo.
I love Zbrush, it's so good if you are willing to learn
File: facial-muscles.jpg (76 KB, 730x800)
76 KB
Honestly before even getting into topology flow, study human anatomy.

Copying a topology flow doesn't teach you anything. You need to study up on muscles and how they move and to really understand what joints/vertieces/deformers are actually doing. Then when you look at topology flows you'll understand "why" they are laying them out that way.

If you look at a typical facial topology, and compare it to the muscle groups in the human face, you will see a lot of what I'm talking about. Muscles are all just based on pulling shit around.

People often forget that good 3D is built on a traditional art base.
>good outside zbrush
Topology is the same in every 3D program you fucking retard.
No it isnt you imbecile, zremesher is a poor excuse for replacing correctly done manual retopo

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