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Trying to teach myself how to use zbrush and plan to go really deep into professional level. What's the best tutorial, books, online resources? Many thanks.
Pirate or not? Either way, get this. https://youtu.be/mz6T418EEeU
This is a pretty good series.
tranny instructor? no thx
Lol, I knew that was gonna come out.
No one is going to suffer listening to a dickless dude talking in falsetto for several hours, learning ZBrush is already a test of patience without this bs; wouldn't even pirate famalam.
>different sexuality or gender orientation = poor software understanding
just quit and kys moron
Youre not gonna get anywhere
There are plenty of learning resources for you to choose from, if the product isn't competitive, then too bad. Is this gender-bender somehow superior to any of the other ZB tutors out there? Doubt it.

I tried watching a tutorial a while ago on how to make a character in ZBrush and the tutor was some latino with a thick accent and a microphone that would stop working every other video, so on top of uhhs and umms it was like getting a lecture over an old telephone by a foreigner who had a dictionary out because he didn't know every other word of your language. Was he a bad sculptor? No, I don't think so, his end result was ultimately pretty decent, but he was terrible as a tutor.

There was another tutor who was seeming just your regular dude, but he didn't know how to give a good explanation on anything he did, regularly speed up his videos to the point where he may as well have just shown his results step-by-step, and most criminally, put on loud music whenever he didn't have anything of importance to say (which was most of the time). He was also pretty good at what he did ultimately.

If you can't tolerate your tutor for one reason or another, then even if they're good at what they do, you still can't be arsed to watch them, let alone process the stuff you've just seen. For me, the voice simply puts me off - I saw the video trailer late last night with no audio and was pretty excited by what I saw, but seeing it again today with sound was unbelievably grating on the ears. I honestly wouldn't care about the tranny aspect if they at least had a normal speaking voice, and quite frankly we're too spoiled for choice to have to suffer through any of the aforementioned assholes for that golden nugget of the information we need.
Try this dude.
sure, if the instructor is bad at what he does or bad at explaining then dump him and move to something else, but this is not the case here and any choice made in the personal life of the instructor shouldn't matter.
I went through couple videos of her course and they are pretty good. No need to be a bigot
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>but this is not the case here
To me it sounds just plain uncanny because it's a dude trying to make his voice sound feminine. It's one thing when you distort your voice to tell a story or for laughs and then it's over, but when it's all the damn time, you just stop listening to what the person is saying because you're focused on their manner of speech instead.
>any choice made in the personal life of the instructor shouldn't matter.
Exactly, if you want to be a professional just swallow your damn pride and talk normally instead of pretending, no one is watching your series for you personally.
u so mad
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>you will never be impeded to learn because the tone of some dude's voice triggers you, making you literally unable to process new information, a basic brain function.
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im a professional modeler and i suggest you check out gio nakpil videos for sculpting anatomy or anything not hard edge

if you are a beginner do not start with zbrush. get a digital tutor sub and start with joshua kiney videos they are fucking amazing for starting

you will always lack an eye for design at the start so try replicating stuff that great concept artists do

good luck in this grand journey
This, he's an amazing teacher.

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